The latest reports on Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide case have left everyone stunned. While the police suspected that the actress being pregnant her autopsy reports didn’t prove any of it. Now the reports from JJ hospital has confirmed that Pratyusha was pregnant. It also states that she must have had an abortion just few days before her suicide. Doctors have examined the dead star’s uterus tissues which revealed that she has conceived just few days or a month before her death. (ALSO READ: Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case: Balika Vadhu actress had an abortion before death?)Also Read - Sidharth Shukla's Sudden Death Reminds Fans Of Pratyusha Banerjee, Surekha Sikri: 'End Of Balika Vadhu Era'

According to a leading daily’s source, “The findings showed that there was a conception few days or a month before her demise, and there was a premature death of the foetal cell. The products of conception, or the placental or foetal tissue in the uterus found following delivery, termination of pregnancy or a miscarriage, were infected and degenerated. That usually hints towards a secondary infection, probably occurring due to an attempt to terminate the pregnancy.” Also Read - Balika Vadhu Fame Pratyusha Banerjee's Parents Open Up About Facing Financial Losses While Fighting Legal Battles

Experts say that Police will have a difficult time identifying the father of the baby as no tissues of the foetus have been left. While interacting with a leading newspaper an expert revealed that, “Since there are no tissues left or rather they were removed, it may be challenging to carry out a DNA test to establish the child’s paternity.” Moreover, the report has not been able to confirm the gestational age of the fetus. (ALSO READ: Pratyusha Banerjee case: Rahul raj Singh’s interim relief from arrest extended) Also Read - Pratyusha Banerjee Suicide Case Latest News: Rahul Raj Singh Accuses Her Parents, Plans to Sue Kamya Panjabi-Vikas Gupta

However, reports of the actress’ pregnancy didn’t go well with the fans. Some seem to be upset with the media coverage of her abortion issues. One Fan angrily buffed on social media saying, “Bhai kya leena ku is incident ko itna uchala ja rha hai..let her soul rest in peace man..stop this bullshit if u really wanna do something punish the culprit..thats need to making these things viral all the time..people know wats happen thats v need is justice not a curiosity abt her lif and death..fuck off man have some respect.”

Another person posted, “wah !! great I guess Autopsy was done earlier,yet they failed to detect her earlier??? huh unsure emoticon just pulling her into controversies”

Fans look mighty upset with the sensationalized coverage of Pratyusha’s suicide case. People are also tired of hearing the same things about the case and reports about her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. Audience now feels the media is now covering the issue just to make business out of it.

One of the reader commented, “It will drag on nothing will media will create business.”

Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide on April 1 by hanging herself on the ceiling fan of her residence. Her shocking death has raised an outrage in the media with her friends and family blaming Rahul Raj Singh.  The actor/producer has been booked under abetment to suicide by Bangur Nagar Police Station. (ALSO READ: Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case: Rahul Raj Singh threatens to commit suicide: Fake OR Real?)