Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide case is getting complicated day-by-day. Shocking revelations surface every day about the late Balika Vadhu actress. Her medical reports have revealed that she was expecting and might have had an abortion just few days before death. Recently, Pratyusha’s father has made shocking revelations about Rahul Raj Singh that will give you an idea why he could have killed the actress. (ALSO READ: Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case: Parents of late actress unaware of her pregnancy!)Also Read - Sidharth Shukla's Sudden Death Reminds Fans Of Pratyusha Banerjee, Surekha Sikri: 'End Of Balika Vadhu Era'

Parents of the 24-year-old have accused Rahul Raj Singh for killing Pratyusha. They have even approached the Bombay High Court for a CBI probe in the case as they are not happy with the Police investigation. Her father in an interaction with a leading daily said, “It is not suicide but clearly a planned killing, Rahul had made sure she threw us out of the house in January, and the bank account was wiped out a day before Teetan (Pratyusha’s pet name) lost her life.” said her father. Also Read - Balika Vadhu Fame Pratyusha Banerjee's Parents Open Up About Facing Financial Losses While Fighting Legal Battles

The bank account statements of the Balika Vadhu actress, since November, have been procured by the Police. The account was jointly held by Pratyusha and her mother but Rahul had the debit card of the same. The account has been swiped to zero balance before her death. According to a leading daily, the last transaction was made on March 30 and it was a debit of Rs 395. The account had major credits was of Rs 1 lakh each on March 18 and 19. Earlier on March 2, an amount of Rs 1.11 lakh was credited through Zee Entertainment. The amount of Rs 1 lakh deposited on 18 March was withdrawn in multiples of Rs 10,000 from ATMs. Rs 96,000 of the 1 lakh which was deposited on March 19 was withdrawn through ATM and Rs 3,350 was swiped at Mamagoto on March 19. (ALSO READ: Pratyusha Banerjee pregnant: Fans urge media to spare the late Balika Vadhu actress!) Also Read - Pratyusha Banerjee Suicide Case Latest News: Rahul Raj Singh Accuses Her Parents, Plans to Sue Kamya Panjabi-Vikas Gupta

These reports make it clear that Pratyusha was not going through financial crisis and Rahul was taking all her money. Shankar Banerjee has raised doubt on the on-going investigations of their daughter’s case. He further added, “There are too many questions about the death that don’t fit as suicide. Why did Rahul take Pratyusha to Kokilaben hospital when he himself got admitted to a hospital nearby, which means he knew there was a hospital there. We were not allowed to see the room in which she died. Why was the FIR registered much later on April 5 as a suicide even though on April 2 we raised questions of the suspicious manner of the death?” Besides, the court petition has also indicated the same, “The circumstances surrounding the death and Rahul’s behaviour since raise strong suspicion about it being murder.”  (ALSO READ: Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case: Balika Vadhu actress had an abortion before death?)

According to Soma Banerjee, Pratyusha’s mother, her daughter wanted to file a case against Rahul when she found out about his marriage & relationship with Saloni. It was then, “the accused planned the murder and successfully portrayed it as suicide.” She also feels that the investigation done by Bangur Nagar police appears to me misleading. The court petition has alleged that the direction of the investigation by the Police appears to only mislead “with an intention to save the accused”. (ALSO READ: Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case: Rahul Raj Singh knew about Balika Vadhu actress’ pregnancy)