Actor and director Rajat Kapoor has issued an apology after he was accused by two women of behaving inappropriately with them. The two ladies had shared their stories with journalist Sandhya Menon, who has been posting #MeToo stories of her own. After the stories were shared on Twitter, the whole matter blew up and there was a massive outcry on social media. Also Read - 19-Year-Old Model Allegedly Raped And Thrashed by 4 People in Mumbai, Friend Films The Sexual Attack

According to one of the women, who happened to be a journalist, she was holding a telephonic interview with Rajat when he began asking her if ‘she was as sexy as she sounds’. Stunned she let the comment pass and tried to steer the conversation to other topics, but she said he was persistent, asking her about her vital stats and if she ever visited Mumbai, the actor even offered to put her up if she did. The woman having had enough, terminated the conversation. Also Read - Payal Ghosh, Who Accused Anurag Kashyap, Asks Mumbai Police 'Do I Have To Die To Get The Proceedings Going'

The second woman, who is an assistant director, alleged that Rajat wanted her to shoot a movie for him in an empty house. She initially thought that the actor wanted to hire her to shoot it. She also said that she believes his friend, actor Saurabh Shukla, was aware of what was going on, and that both were probably preying on young women together. Also Read - Salma Agha's Daughter Zara Khan Receives Death Threats From a Woman, Locks Herself in House

After the allegations hit social media, there was a lot of hue and cry about Rajat’s misconduct, prompting the actor to take to his Twitter page and apologise. In the tweet, he mentions that he is sorry is he is the source of pain of another person and that he will try harder to be a better person.

It appears the fight Tanushree Dutta picked with Nana Patekar has opened the floodgates of harassment allegations and added steam to the the #MeToo movement in India.