Tamil superstar Rajinikanth‘s picture as beggar has gone viral! But the photo is actually from his film Muthu wherein he is disguised as a beggar – it is the story behind this viral photo that is interesting. A few years ago, Rajinikanth was mistaken for a beggar by a woman at a temple, and she offered him Rs 10! The superstar, who is known for his flamboyant onscreen avatars, is extremely simple in real life and is often seen in simple kurta and unkempt beard. He also does not wear a wig unlike in his films, so Rajinikanth goes unrecognisable as an old, bald man when his fans meet him.Also Read - Into The Wild With Bear Grylls: Ajay Devgn To Go On Adventurous Ride With The Host | Deets Inside

So, as Rajini Sir was rested at the temple after offering prayers, apparently this woman thought he was a bhikaari, and decided to help him with her tip. Poor woman! All she was trying to be was a Good Samaritan, at the cost of annoying the biggest film star in India. But God being God, rather Rajinikanth being Rajinikanth, he simply smiled and did not say a word, accepting the Rs 10. Also Read - No Plan to Enter Politics in Future, Clarifies Rajinikanth; Dissolves Outfit RMM

How did the woman find out? Apparently, when Rajinikanth got up and headed to his car, she felt she recognised him and apologised profusely. But Rajinikanth didn’t mind and simply said that this was the Almighty’s way of reminding him that he is only human and not really a superstar! But the fans who build temples in the name of the 2.0 star hardly think so. Right? Also Read - Viral Video: Rajinikanth's Look Alike Tries to Pull Off Stunt But Fails Miserably, Video Will Crack You Up | Watch

Watch a clipping from Muthu where Thalaiva is disguised as a beggar!