Rakhi Sawant – the controversial queen of telly town is enjoying all the attention she gets from the media. Rakhi is quite well-known for entertaining people and also throws unnecessary tantrums. She has been in controversies for all the wrong reasons. The drama queen of all time Rakhi Sawant loves to hog the limelight any chance she gets. Rakhi was last in Bigg Boss season 1 and grabbed instant fame with her crazy antics and weird behavior. The Bollywood starlet Rakhi is  back once again in news for something totally bizarre!Also Read - Shocking ! Rakhi Sawant's Reaction on Models Linked With Raj Kundra's Case| Watch Video

Few years back, Rakhi had her Swayamvar organised on National television. By the end of the show, Rakhi got engaged to NRI Elesh Parujanwala, whom she chose as her to-be husband. Few months after that, she broke off her engagement with him and moved on in her life. Talking about the same to an entertainment portal, Rakhi was quoted as saying, “I got engaged to Elesh for money, I wanted to buy a flat. Why should I lie? I didn’t want to marry someone only to divorce him later. I am not dating anyone. Also, I am not getting good prospects because of my image created by the media. I don’t want to marry a young guy or a struggler. I am looking for a mature and affluent man, who can take care of me and my needs.” Also Read - Inside Rahul Vaidya-Disha Parmar's Sangeet Ceremony: Mr and Mrs Vaidya Wins Hearts, Rashami Desai, Jasmin Bhasin, Rakhi Sawant And Others Spotted

Soon after her failed attempt at getting married, Rakhi had decided to enter into politics and now thinks her decision was wrong. She further added, “Joining politics was a wrong move. Also, I shouldn’t have quit TV; whatever I am today is because of it and my item numbers. I was a princess here, but I left it for a field where I wasn’t respected. I can’t play politics.” Also Read - Rakhi Sawant Reacts To Aamir Khan-Kiran Rao Divorce: ‘Aamir Ji Aap Mere Baare Mein Kya Sochte Hai’


Rakhi will be seen in an episode of ‘Savdhaan India’, where she will be playing the role of a negative bahu, who is married to a 16-year-old boy. The episode will be called “Mera Pati Baccha Hai”. She was asked by the portal if there are less offers coming her way due to her image, to which the drama queen Rakhi bluntly replied, “Sirf sari pehenne se bahu nahi bante! I don’t have an ego and don’t mind approaching people for work. I just want to do good work.” ‘Savdhaan India’ is one of the popular shows on television. When they offered the role, I immediately said yes. I regret saying ‘no’ to acting in films and shows during my political stint,” the actress says.

The actress says “Savdhaan India” “is a big platform for me to make my acting-fiction debut. Though it’s just a one hour episode, I am happy because the whole story revolves around me”. A source close to the show says: “Rakhi was our first choice as she fits the bill of the character perfectly. The story revolves around her and she will be playing a negative and a loud character who troubles and harasses the family of the boy she claims to be married to. Things fell in place perfectly with Rakhi”.


Few days back, Rakhi became the talk of the town as she said she wants to see Om Swami naked in Bigg Boss 10. While talking to Rediff.com she was quoted as saying, “I want to go inside the house and take Swamiji’s class. Why is this old man commenting on women’s characters? Who is he? Is he a judge? I would love to steal his clothes and make him walk nude in the house. I will throw his clothes outside the wall, let him go search for them. I might cut his hair when he is fast asleep. Don’t know which cave they picked this Baba from!”

Rakhi Sawant was missing from the small screen and said she met with an accident. “I had met with an accident while performing for a show in Colombo. I tripped and hurt my head, as there was too much artificial fog. I had to shave my head and undergo an operation. I couldn’t come out in public without hair. I lost partial memory after the accident. I couldn’t recall a person’s name! I had become Lady Ghajini (laughs).” The portal asked her whether she was depressed, Rakhi Sawant said, “I can never go through depression but I put people in depression (laughs).”