Mumbai: Bollywood veteran Randhir Kapoor on Wednesday informed that he is trying to trace the divorce decree of his late brother Rajiv Kapoor, to produce in court. Earlier, the Bombay High Court had asked Randhir Kapoor and his sister Rima Jain to submit the decree in a property-related case. Speaking to IANS, Randhir said the divorce papers are needed in order to get probate made. “My brother is divorced. I have got to get the probate made. For that, I need his divorce papers. He used to stay in Pune and here. I can’t find it and I am tracing it. I have put a tracer on it and people are working on it. I don’t know where he has kept it. He is not here,” Randhir informed.Also Read - Karishma Kapoor Beaming With Joy as Sis-In-Law Alia Bhatt's Kaleera Falls On Her - See Pics!

Rajiv Kapoor passed away on February 9. A petition was subsequently filed by brother Randhir Kapoor and sister Rima Jain to obtain letters of administration to the property and credits. According to the petition, Rajiv married Aarti Sabharwal in 2001 and they got divorced two years later. Also Read - Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt's Wedding: Krishna Raj Bungalow Decked up With Fairy Lights - Watch

In the process, Senior advocate Sharan Jagtiani, who is handling the case for Rajiv’s siblings, submitted that the HC registry has asked for a certified copy of the divorce decree. The siblings have sought a dispensation from the law to submit the decree. According to the advocate, Randhir and Rima are the only heirs to his estate. Jagtiani had placed a plea in the court to seek dispensation. He also claimed to don’t have access to the decree of the divorce and has been trying to look for it but unable to locate it. Also Read - Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor Wedding Guests: Brother Rahul Bhatt Says He'll be There as 'Bouncer'

According to Jagitani, the case was an acrimonious divorce.

(With inputs from IANS)