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Ranveer Singh’s ‘Bum-bastic’ FIR And What Exactly is ‘Hurting The Sentiments of Women’, Complainant Speaks!

Ranveer Singh Nude Photoshoot Row: The complainant who filed FIR against the actor has said his 'bum' hurt's women's sentiments.

Published: July 27, 2022 3:53 PM IST

By Anurag Singh Bohra | Edited by Anurag Singh Bohra

Ranveer Singh's 'Bum-bastic' FIR And What Exactly is 'Hurting The Sentiments of Women', Complainant Speaks!
Ranveer Singh's 'Bum-bastic' FIR And What Exactly is 'Hurting The Sentiments of Women', Complainant Speaks!

Ranveer Singh’s ‘Bum’ Causes Outrage: Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot row has created a lot of hoopla on the internet and TV news debates. Ranveer had posed partially nude for a magazine photoshoot few days back. While the actor was hailed by B-town celebs and fans for his chiseled physique. A certain section of activists, internet trolls and moral police have accused Ranveer for obscenity and hurting sentiments. A Mumbai based NGO had filed an FIR against the actor at the Chembur police station. The complaint stated that India has a ‘good culture’ but due to Ranveer’s nude images public sentiments were being hurt, especially the modesty of women is insulted. B-town celebs like Swara Bhasker and filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri have defended Ranveer in the controversy.

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Ranveer Singh Nude Pics: What The Complainant Has to Say

Vedika Cahubey, who filed the FIR against Ranveer’s nude photoshoot, stated in a debate on NDTV, “See basically, I have two daughters and they have online classes. Their iPADs, laptops are with them. So, in case, I have just scrolled the Google News and it was all over. So, this is not a thing that should be carried and posted in public. This is what offended me the most. Like the very next day when I went to office, every female staff of mine was talking about the same thing. How can he do this? This can’t be shown. This is not a thing you show it in public. And there has to be some restriction on it. Some law should be followed.” On being asked how Ranveer’ photoshoot is vulgar or obscene, the complainant opined, “Off course this is vulgar, we can see his bum, his video is with me, he is completely nude in that video. I don’t know how many people will understand that thing. This is a common thing that this is a national issue.”

FIR Against Ranveer Singh: What Activists Have to Say

Social activist, Ranjana Kumari reacted to the whole controversy and said there is nothing wrong about the pictures and they don’t violate the 67-A of the IT Act. Her arguments in one of the NDTV debates are as follows:

  • “The pictures don’t violate women’s sentiments. In-fact this is very beautiful. I think this is very good to look at someone who has worked really well on his body.”
  • “We have these Mr India contests where we have men showing their body and there is nothing wrong in the human body.
  • I see no reason for 67-A of the IT Act, since I worked with a lot of electronic and cyber media. It’s very important to know that punishment for publishing or transmitting of material containing sexually explicit in electronic form. But there is nothing sexually explicit about it.
  • We should not overstretch it and I am sure police will understand and the court will definitely understand this. Some NGOs may have got encouraged to get, perhaps more publicity, you never know.

FIR on Ranveer: B-Town Celebs React

Vivek Agnihotri, who directed The Kashmir Files expressed his views on Aaj Tak and told, “It is a very stupid FIR. This is such an amusing case which is getting the attention without any reason. It is written in the FIR that the sentiment of women is being hurt. Now tell me, when there are so many nude pictures of women, does it hurt the sentiments of men?” Vivek also tweeted about the same and wrote, “Human body is God’s most beautiful creation…human body was never a subject of embarrassment. Instead it’s always been a subject of celebration.

Swara Bhasker reacting to the whole scenario and tweeted, “Unbelievable foolishness and unemployment is rampant in our country!” Urfi Javed responded to the row in an interaction with Aaj Tak and pointed out, “I think, all these NGOs who are claiming that Ranveer has hurt the sentiments of women need to be reminded that when a woman faces such backlash, at that time, where and why do they disappear? A woman faces even double of what he is getting so why have they sprung up from the oblivion suddenly now? Where were they when I was getting grilled for the kind of clothes I wear?”

Check out the celebs reactions:

In the past as well model-actor Milind Soman was also charged with FIR twice over his nude photos. What are your views on moral policing?

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