Bollywood’s livewire Ranveer Singh may not have a superhero film in his kitty, but Fox Star Studios roped in the young star to dub for the title character in Ryan Reynold starrer Deadpool 2 Hindi version. Isn’t Ranveer the perfect match? We all know Deadpool is a quirky superhero, who delivers the quirkiest lines even when he’s thrashing his enemies, and who better than Ranveer could resonate with Deadpool’s traits. Well, Ranveer, in an interview with Indian Express, spoke about the challenges he faced while dubbing for Ryan Reynolds’ titular character. Also Read - Deepika Padukone to Not Take Over Ranveer Singh's 83's Post-Production Work, Deet Inside

Explaining how challenging this dubbing experience was, Ranveer told the website, “It is very difficult because the choices for you as an actor have already been made. You have to align yourself to those choices to a great degree. So it is very difficult. I have a newfound respect for dubbing artists and voice-over artists. What they do is not easy at all. It is very, very tedious. It is time-consuming and it can be exhausting. It takes a lot of skill. It takes a lot of application of the mind. It was all in all a fulfilling process and it taught me a lot. And yes, it was a slightly more challenging character to dub for than usual. But I relish a challenge and I really, really enjoyed this process.” Also Read - Wajid Khan Dies at 42: Priyanka Chopra Recalls The Hearty Laugh of Loved Composer in Her Heartbreaking Tweet

Ranveer, who likes to experiment a lot, said, the film and the character are two reasons why the actor agreed to lend his voice for the desi Deadpool. He further added, “I thought it would be something new for me to do. A novel challenge. Something I have not attempted before, to lend my voice for the Hindi version of what I find to be a really, really cool film. I watched Deadpool 1 and I absolutely loved the movie. I love the character and love Ryan Reynolds in it. And that has a lot to do with why I agree to give my voice in the desi Deadpool, as they say. It is because I really loved the film and the character. Also, I thought it would be fun to use foul Hindi language on screen, to be honest. I just wanted to give gaalis on screen. That’s the long and short of it.” ALSO READ: Deadpool 2 Movie Review: Ryan Reynolds And Josh Brolin’s Performances Get Applauded By Critics Also Read - Deepika Padukone Shares Screenshot of Her WhatsApp Family Group And It’s Like Every Family Chat Ever

Talking about how jokes are often lost in translation, the actor said, “More often than not Deadpool cracks jokes, deliver one-liners and punchlines that don’t have a direct cultural translation. They are culture-specific to the US. Only somebody who is raised and born in that culture will get it. It doesn’t translate for people who are born in and hail from other cultures. So that cultural translation you have to do for them. You have to apply a certain bit of your general knowledge. And, if you are the actor voicing the part then you have to contribute.”

He further added, “In conjunction with the writers, you have to come up with something that works. You have to be able to structure it in a way where the exact line you’re saying fits into the exact timing of how it is said in the English version. Utna hi time milta hai apko bolne ke liye (You get only that much time to speak the line). So you have to fit it in that. You have to word it very specifically. So if it is a five-word sentence or a five-syllable sentence, then you can only have five syllables. You can’t exceed it. It’s difficult to compress it or to structure it. If you really get into the making of how I have dubbed for this, when you compare what was said in English and what was said in Hindi, you’ll be like, ‘Who would’ve thought!’ Sometimes it is really tangential. Sometimes there is no cultural translation. If you do the comparison, you’ll be surprised in the way some of the lines are translated. That’s the most difficult process.”