Actor Rashami Desai took to social media to make a series of tweets on the entire discussion that’s happening around her relationship with Arhaan Khan. The duo dated for sometime and lived together. They also participated in Bigg Boss 13 after which Rashami called for a breakup citing Arhaan’s inappropriate decisions and he exploiting her in the relationship. Now, a few media reports recently claimed that Arhaan extorted a Rs 15 lakh from Rashami when they were in a relationship apart from deceiving her with the details of his past life. Acknowledging that she is a self-made woman and she accepts the follies of her relationship, Rashami took to Twitter on Thursday night and launched a few tweets asking all to finally close this matter. Also Read - Devoleena Bhattacharjee Reacts on Rashami Desai, Arhaan Khan Controversy, Says 'He is Mentally Harassing Her'

In her tweets, she mentioned how she is a hardworking woman and she’s proud of the way she has lived her life. Rashami added that she has no regrets because she loved the man with all her heart and soul and like all other difficulties she has faced in the past, she will leave behind this episode as well. The Naagin 4 actor thanked her fans and well-wishers for standing by her and showering love always. Rashami’s first tweet read, “Done and Dusted! I don’t need to give anyone any explanation I’m a self-made woman got myself into something I thought was love but thank god to all the positive energy’s around me who saved me and made me learn so much more..” (sic). She followed this by posting; “So on that note! I don’t regret anything because living-in means that I am privileged that I worked hard to have a house of my own so thought to share my house with the one I loved since that person oh well.. #nevermind samjh jao samjh ne walo” (sic) Also Read - Rashami Desai And Arhaan Khan Blame Each Other For Leaked Bank Statements, Read Full Story

The popular television star went on to say that she knows she has lost money but she also knows that she will earn it all back with her hardwork. Rashami wrote, “#Damn I feel so light! So good bye to all those so called sources wale articles and also to my hard earned money which I lost shall work more hard to earn it all over again because unlike others I don’t use people.. #MehnatKartiHoon” (sic). She added, “And a big THANK YOU to my friends, family, the people I work with, my staff and to all you people here who supported me endlessly I’m so so so grateful and blessed to have you all in my life.. love you all let’s grow together Red heart #ThankYouNext 🙏🏻Dizzy symbol” (sic) Also Read - Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Arhaan Khan Took 15 Lakh From Rashami Desai's Account, #FraudArhaanKhan Trends

Earlier, while speaking to Bombay Times, Rashami clarified how Arhaan transferred her money to his bank account in her absence during her stay in the Bigg Boss house. She said he had transferred money to his bank account without letting her know and transferred that amount further to people she has no clue about. The actor added that apart from the amount of Rs 15 lakh that can be seen transferred in his bank account, Arhaan had taken more money from her which he now refused to return.

Rashami had received wide support from everyone on social media including her fans and friend Devoleena Bhattacharjee as hashtag #FraudArhaan trended on Twitter.