Actor-turned-politician Ravi Kishan, who was slammed by veteran actor Jaya Bachchan during the monsoon session in the parliament, reacted to her statements and said that he is ‘deeply hurt with her remarks’ and thought that she will in fact support him. Speaking to Bombay Times, he further elaborated on his statement that he made on Monday in the parliament and said that he is concerned about the fact that the usage of drugs in the film industry should not become a fashion so whoever is behind this or promoting this, should be caught.Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Hits Back at Jaya Bachchan: Would You Say This If Shweta Was Beaten, Drugged, Molested, Abhishek Was Bullied

He also states that he expected Jaya to say things such as ‘Let’s finish off the drug cartel or catch the peddlers’ but instead of supporting him, she went against him and he doesn’t understand the reason behind it. He also said that Samajwadi party MP, Jaya is his senior  and she knows him and always blesses him.

He was quoted as saying by the portal, “Jo Jaya ji ne bola I am quite hurt. It’s very wrong. I thought she would in fact support me. Her parliament session was at 9 am today and I thought she will say things like, ‘Let’s finish off the drug cartel, or catch who the peddlers are.’ My concern is that yeh drugs, koi fashion na bana de. Isi liye jo koi kar raha hai unko pakadna jaroori hai. That is why maine apne taraf se aawaz uthai. Usme mujhe support milna chiahiye tha, she is my senior, I have worked with her, she knows me, she always blesses me…ab pata nahi unhone aisa kyu kaha.”

“Unhone yeh bhi kaha ki jiss thaali mein khaate hai, usme chhed karte hai. I just want to tell her that nobody gave me a break ever! Mera koi godfather nahi hai. From Bhojpuri to Bollywood I had my own journey. I am a self-made man”, he added.

Speaking about the rapport with Bachchan family, he said, “I have worked with Abhishek (Bachchan), Aishwarya (Rai Bachchan), Amit ji (Amitabh Bachchan), main KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) mein bhi gaya tha. I have had a great rapport with the family. I don’t know why she said something like that. She should not have said the line – jiss thaali mein khaate hai… chhed karte hai. I think shayad unhone meri baat dhyaan se suni nahi. She didn’t hear what I said and someone …kisi ne kuch unhe mere baarein mein bol diya hoga.”

Talking about the drug cartel, he said, “I personally feel every industry mein drugs hai. Drugs are everywhere. Maine parliament mein pehle bhi aawaz uthai thi. Few people from the industry might be doing it, but we must stop them. When I entered the industry in the 90s tabhi nahi tha, yeh sab last 10 years mein hua hai. We just have to bust the racket, raid the parties and bring an end to all this.”

On Tuesday, Jaya Bachchan said in the parliament, “I was really embarrassed and ashamed yesterday one of our members in the Lok Sabha, who is from the industry spoke against (I am not taking the name) the film industry. It is a shame ‘jis thali mein khate hai usi me chhed karte hai’, galat baat hai.”

She responded to Ravi Kishan’s remark made on Monday wwhere he said, “A conspiracy is being hatched to destroy the country’s youth and our neighbouring countries are adding to it. The smuggling of drugs from Pakistan and China is being carried out every year. It is being brought via Punjab and Nepal. Drug addiction is in the film industry too. Several people have been apprehended. The NCB has been doing very good work. I urge the central government to take strict action against the culprits soon. Give them a befitting punishment and bring an end to this conspiracy by neighbouring countries.”