Rekha-Kamal Haasan Sexual Harassment Case: Tamil actor Rekha’s video interview in which she talked about the unscripted kiss by Kamal Haasan and Balachander has triggered many shocking reactions. However, for popular playback singer Chinmayi Sripada, it is just another incident of how powerful men in the film industry have been harassing women since ages. In her latest tweets made on the matter, Chinmayi highlighted how sexual harassment has been normalised in the film industry and even beating a female actor is justified by some known directors. Also Read - Sexual Harassment: Rekha's New Statements About How Kamal Haasan-Balachander Planned The Kiss in Punnagai Mannan

Veteran actor Rekha recently shared in an interview that in her 1986 film Punnagai Mannan, Kamal Haasan kissed her in a scene right before when their characters commit suicide. She said she was not informed about that kiss scene and she was stunned when it happened on the camera. Rekha said all she heard was Balachander asked Kamal if he remembered everything they had discussed before and the actor then closed his eyes and kissed her. Rekha said when she discussed the scene with Balachander later and asked him why she wasn’t informed about the kiss, he told her that it didn’t look vulgar and was normal. Read: Rekha explains how Kamal Haasan and Balachander planned the kiss scene without her consent  Also Read - Sexual Harassment: Rekha Reveals Kamal Haasan Kissed Her Without Her Consent in Balachander's Punnagai Mannan

Now, after many social media users asked Kamal Haasan to apologise to Rekha and acknowledge the harassment done with the actor who was just 16-years-old then, Chinmayi too reacted to the video. She alleged that many directors in the industry boast about hitting female actors on the sets. One of her tweets read, “Yes. It was only an anecdote. We have had enough directors proudly talk about how they slapped female actors to perform. So much that a woman’s face became swollen. That was normal.” (sic). She added, “This viral video of a non-consensual kiss where the men knew they’d orchestrate a kiss and it would be over in a shot was so normal. So was hitting and slapping and beating people on sets by great directors. It still happens.” (sic) Also Read - Gargi College Sexual Harassment Case: 10 People Arrested, 11 Teams Working on Case, Says Delhi Police

The popular South Indian singer, who is known for being vocal against sexual harassment and supporting the #MeToo movement, also highlighted how Rekha recalled the incident in a casual manner. She wrote, “Rekha maam spoke about the whole episode in a matter of fact manner, even included some laughs so thag she isnt attacked; and her interviewer laughed as well. That’s the extent of normalisation women have had to go into,” adding, “Point is – Women have been raised, trained, nurtured and trained, generation after generation to sweep abnormal, bad behaviour by men under the carpet and normalise it. Which is why the Sowcar Janaki – Y Gee Mahendra interview where she shamed the MeToo movement wasn’t surprising” (sic)

Despite so much uproar on social media, Kamal Haasan has not reacted to the matter yet. Your thoughts on the same?