Praveen Babi is one of Bollywood’s beloved actresses from the 1970’s and today on her birth anniversary we remember her top 5 movies spanning over her career of 60 movies. She was a fashion icon of her time who was known or her western appearance and unlike the traditional Bollywood actresses of her time was changing the definition of Indian Bollywood actresses. Also Read - Mahesh Bhatt’s Sister And Her Son Seek Injunction Against Luviena Lodh For Defaming Family, Ask For Rs 90 Lakh in Damages

She was known for many blockbuster movies. She was the first ever Bollywood actress to be featured on the cover of the prestigious Time’s magazine in 1976. On the cover, she was pictured in a black bustier with pearls with a title of ‘ Asia’s Frenetic Film Scene’. Since her popularity was sky-rocketing at the time, even the international industry was looking up and noticing. This only etched her stardom however it was not long before she had trouble due to her health. it was rumored that she was under depression due to having failed relationships. Also Read - Luviena Lodh Reacts to Mukesh-Mahesh Bhatt's Defamation Suit, Shares New Video on Social Media

Even though her personal life had many ups and downs when it came to her controversial love life or tragically suffering from Diabetes and Paranoid Schizophrenia, she definitely made her mark on Bollywood. After being diagnosed with Schizophrenia and having a torrid affair with Mahesh Bhatt she suddenly went out of the public eye. When she returned after living in the United States even her secretary failed to recognize her. She passed away in her Juhu house alone after some of her neighbors noticed that she had not left her house, they informed the police. According to her autopsy report, she only had a little alcohol in her system and that she had not eaten in three days.  Some of her top movies that were smashing blockbusters in her career include Deewar, Amar Akbar Anthony, Namak Halaal, Suhaag, Shaan etc. Also Read - ‘We Refute Allegations’! Mahesh Bhatt Moves Civil Suit Against Luviena Lodh, Seeks Rs 1 Crore in Damages