Creating quite a stir and distress in Lucknow for her negligence and disobedience on carrying COVID-19 symptoms and not following the norms of self-isolation ever since she returned from London, Baby Doll singer Kanika Kapoor has found support in actor Rishi Kapoor despite being booked for her carelessness. Coming to the aide of another “Kapoor”, Rishi was seen posting prayers not just for Kanika but also for Yes Bank founder, Rana Kapoor. Also Read - Delhi HC Allows 50 People to Offer Prayers at Nizamuddin Markaz Mosque During Ramzan

Taking to his Twitter handle, Rishi shared a picture each of Rana and Kanika and tweeted, “Aaj kal kuch “Kapoor”logon pe time bhaari hai. Darta hoon. Hey Malik raksha karna doosre “Kapoor-on”ki! Koi galat kaam na ho kabhi. Jai Mata Di! (Nowadays, time is heavy on some “Kapoor” people. I fear. O master, protect another “Kapoors”! Never let any wrong thing happen. Jai Mata Di!)” sic. Also Read - Photos Show How Hospitals, Patients Across Country Reel Under Covid-19 Stress

Later, a confused Rishi was first seen questioning the Taj Hotel authorities in Lucknow and then giving them a clean chit. He wrote, “Think. Chalo Delhi airport se to nikal gayi. Why an establishment like The Taj Lucknow Hotel didn’t have the facility to screen visitors? After all the Taj is a huge name and a property. Surely they could have detected! (sic).”

Rishi was seen going back on his words when Taj Hotels replied to his tweet, “At all our hotels, we have undertaken extensive precautionary measures including thermal screening of all guests, staff and vendors. At the time of check-in, her temperature was found to be normal. The safety and wellbeing of our guests and associates are of paramount importance (sic).” He wrote, “I appreciate, believe and respect The Taj Hotels has for all its guests regarding safety and security. Please tell this to the Media and the concerned Government. Unnecessarily the lady concerned is being victimized. With your strict measures surely she wasn’t carrying the virus (sic).”

An FIR has been lodged against singer Kanika Kapoor in Lucknow for violating the norms of self-isolation. The singer denied the rumours of hosting parties at a five-star hotel and maintained that she was screened at the airport but was declared fine. Kanika said when she arrived from London on March 9, she took a flight from Mumbai to Lucknow and only attended one party with the gathering of 15-20 people. She said she didn’t know she was infected by then and there were only some odd guests at the party.