Producer Ritesh Sidhwani took to social media to explain the ordeal when his young niece became a target of the ‘WhatsApp Medical University’. The producer revealed an incident when her little niece had to go through a lot of trouble from people around after she returned from abroad and people declared that she was tested positive for the coronavirus even before her actual test reports came in. Ritesh posted a long note on Instagram and explained how a WhatsApp forward message mentioned that his little niece who had come back from London had contracted the COVID-19 while in reality, her test reports were still awaited. And later, she was declared tested negative in the reports. Also Read - Viral WhatsApp Message Explains How Modi's 5 pm Request on Janata Curfew is Related to Science Without Any Proof

The case highlights how panic has built up among the general public and lack of awareness is creating life difficult for those who are under self-quarantine or have just returned from abroad but are out of danger. Ritesh’s post is a good example of how any random WhatsApp forward should be totally discouraged and strict action is required to be taken against those who share such messages without any background check. Also Read - Janata Curfew: New WhatsApp Sticker Shows PM Modi Folding Hands to Request 'Ghar Par Hi Rahe'

Ritesh also thanked the authorities and everyone at the hospital staff for helping the entire family and making it easier for the girl to go through the tests. The producer’s post read, “I’m disgusted wit ha very insensitive WhatsApp forward. It’s not just because it’s about muy family but it’s also because it’s about basic humanity! My niece who had returned from London on 18th March developed a fever & cough within 24 hours. As a responsible parent, my sister took her to a hospital which referred her to Kasturba hospital to get her tested for COVID-19. But while the medical report was still awaited, a certain WhatsApp Medical College had already declared her positive. And they don’t just reveal her identity but also spell out where she resided. Also Read - Govt Launches MyGov Corona Helpdesk on Whatsapp - Get WHO Coronavirus Updates

While this is so caring WhatsApp Medical College was advising everyone to stay home! There’s no advice on not stigmatising anyone even if they test positive. Not to forget these are our so-called “friends & neighbours” who don’t care a damn about the privacy of a young little girl.

To make it official, her test has come in & it’s NEGATIVE, however she and her family will be following the doctors’ advice on taking all precautionary measures over the best 2 weeks.

I would like to thank BMC for the exemplary work being done by the doctors & staff at Kasturba Hospital in taking extraordinary care of people visiting for tests! My niece, was all praises for the facility & hospitality extended by the medical staff. Thank you for your selfless service & dedication.” (sic)

While it’s important to stay indoors and stay safe in our fight against the deadly coronavirus, it’s also important to make sure that we are not acting like irresponsible citizens and creating panic around in the time when all we need is unity and collective action.