Mythological TV serials or films have always been a hit with the audience but they come with their own challenges. Especially for actors who have to look and behave their part to do justice to their roles. The situation is the same for actor Rohit Bakshi who essays the role of Bhairav ‘Lord Shiva’ on BIG Magic’s “Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav”. He finds it challenging as well as exciting. “Every character has their shenanigans, but it all depends on the actor’s will power to take up that challenge and do justice to it,” Rohit said in a statement. Also Read - Indian Basketball Team Delhi Hoopers to Represent India at FIBA(Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball) 3x3 World Tour Masters

However, pushing himself each time he has to play Lord Bhairav on the serial has been a learning experience for the actor, “The role of Bhairav is an exhaustive one and it requires a lot of dedication and patience to portray it, which has made me learn a lot throughout the journey,” he added. What makes working on the show exciting for Rohit is that it is not just one look of Bhairav, but various looks that he has to don continuously. He has so donned as many as 50 to 60 different get-ups on the show. ALSO READ: Khichdi 3 To Be Set In Venice? Also Read - Double Joy! Mahakali Star Saurabh Raaj Jain Blessed With Twins

“It so happens that Bhairav morphs himself in various avatars like sadhu and Brahmin so that people don’t recognise him as Bhairav. It is very challenging but at the same time very exciting since I get to explore a lot… And honestly, I enjoy every part of it,” he added. What pays at the end is that he is being appreciated by the audience for his role. The actor has become a name and face to reckon with and gained more popularity. Also Read - Kannada TV Actors Rachana and Jeevan Die In A Car Crash

Before Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav, the actor was seen in two other mythological shows – Siya Ke Ram (2016) as Shiva and Mahakali– Anth hi Aarambh Hai (2017) as Kamadeva & his alter ego Bhandasura.

(Inputs from IANS)