Director Rohit Shetty made an elaborated statement while expressing his views about the Delhi violence that happened in the North-east area of the capital and shook the entire country in the last few days. The director was present at the trailer launch of his upcoming film Sooryavanshi where he interacted with the media and expressed why it’s the time to stay silent on the issue. When asked about his views on the violence, Shetty said he can talk about it in length and that will make people appreciate him but he thinks that it’s important for him and others to not speak on the matter at all. The popular director maintained that this is a sensitive time and anything said by anyone can trigger more violence, therefore, it’s appropriate to stay silent and not share one’s opinions on the matter. Also Read - Sooryavanshi Trailer Highlights: 5 Things That Make This Akshay Kumar Starrer a Sure Shot Blockbuster

Shetty released the trailer of Sooryavanshi in the presence of the leading members of his cast – Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh. “It is a very serious issue, and a lot of people are talking about it. The best thing right now for all of us would be to stay silent. Our officials, the government and our people are there,” Shetty said. Also Read - Sooryavanshi Trailer Twitter Reaction: Netizens Vow 'Records Will Not be Broken But Shattered' by Akshay Kumar Starrer

The director went on to say that he is at an event which is about entertainment and laughter, therefore, it won’t look good on his part to comment on an issue which is extremely sensitive and serious. “To talk about what’s happening there is easy while laughing and doing the event here, so the best thing right now for entire India should be to stay silent. Everyone’s been saying, and the chaos is only increasing. If we stay silent, things will fall in place,” he said. Also Read - Sooryavanshi Trailer: Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn And Ranveer Singh Are Rohit Shetty's Avengers in Grand Cop-Fest

The director also requested all others to maintain peace and not speak on the issue. He said what happened in Delhi is ‘petrifying’ and everyone should give it some time. He said all of us can speak about the violence once the peace has prevailed.

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The count of those killed during Delhi violence rose to 47 on Monday. About 92 houses, 57 shops, 500 vehicles, six godowns, two schools, four factories and religious places were burnt down during the violence.