Dear Rubina Dilaik, I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched your previous shows but I remember the glimpses of both Chhoti Bahu and the very empowering Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. I always had so much respect for you because of how you chose to represent the trans community in a mainstream TV show. I have been following you from day one in Bigg Boss 14 and even though I was not very big on the show this season, I always made sure that I see and know what you are doing inside the house. The purpose of this letter is not to root for your win (though that would make me happy), the purpose of writing this is to let people know that you are a woman of courage, conviction, and strength. There’s a lot that is currently going inside the house since we are just a few days away from the Grand Finale, and there’s a lot that has already been spoken and written about you on social media. However, I am glad that despite all the criticism and misogyny that you have faced inside the show, you remain strong-headed and totally focussed on the game.Also Read - What ! Rakhi Sawant Has Finally Found The Love Of Her Life Again, Blows Him A Virtual Kiss On Video Call | Watch Video

The first time I felt like ‘this is a woman of substance’ was when you spoke about your decision of participating in the show. I think you and Abhinav make a wonderful couple, for the very fact that while you are the roaring wave, he’s the calm of the shore. And when I saw you both holding hands, emotional, trying to search for words that could express the depth of the pain you faced in the past, something broke inside me. I honestly thought that for any woman to speak about separation with her husband is a big deal, especially here, when no matter what has happened between the two – society is always going to question the woman, always going to put the blame on her, and always going to tell her ‘you could have tried harder.’ Yes, you were targetted multiple times for the same and many people also called this a promotional strategy. But you know what, even if it was a promotional strategy, it still set a strong example for many women and couples who fear expressing and talking about what’s happening in their relationship. And criticising what you said comes from the same mindset that looks down upon people who consult relationship experts and counselors to save their marriages. Also Read - Who is Rakhi Sawant's New Boyfriend Adil Durrani? All You Need to Know About Him

Another time when I could totally relate was when you took a stand against Rakhi Sawant’s behaviour towards your husband. No woman and I repeat – no woman, has or should give a free pass to another woman harassing her husband for some TRPs or what most people called ‘entertainment’. I did think that you should have asked Rakhi to step back at the beginning itself but then I thought that had I been in your place, I would have also given her that longer rope initially. I understand that being a woman, you wouldn’t have wanted to paint another woman ugly. And my jaw-dropped to see how people conveniently forgot that even when the water went above the bridge, you asked your husband first to change his behaviour with Rakhi. You did not go around bashing her or gather sympathy against Rakhi for torturing (and I have no shame in using this word) your husband. The act of throwing a bucket filled with water is nothing as compared to what Indian women are known to do when they see ‘other’ women trying to harass their husbands. You don’t mess up with a wife – as simple as that! Also Read - Rakhi Sawant Poses Like Poonam Pandey in Viral Video, Fans Say 'Mia Khalifa Ka Bhi Kardo Didi' - Watch

You were nominated for that act of violence because sadly, Bigg Boss doesn’t have any rules for the act of ‘mental violence’ that happens with contestants inside. Seeing you and Abhinav separating was both beautiful and painful. I tell you why. Painful, because of course – you two were together for so many days inside the house that it was almost unbelievable to realise that we would only be able to see one of you on our TV screens, and beautiful, because I could see how your purpose of entering the show was finally fulfilled. You and Abhinav looked so much in love that I immediately felt like thanking the show for doing something so meaningful in two people’s lives.

Whatever the result is, whoever wins the trophy this year, I know that you have won many hearts. You would know that once you come out of the house. You never portrayed yourself as the damsel in distress even when you talked about having anxiety issues, temper problems, and having a difficult relationship with your parents in the past. I didn’t see a victim there. It was a woman speaking about how she faced challenges in life and decided to work on them. You said it in a way that looked more brave than helpless. That’s the best thing about you, Rubina; You are not a bechari! May the powers be with you and you come out with the trophy, walking hand-in-hand with Abhinav.

Much love and best wishes