Actor Sahil Khan, popular for his performance in 2001 movie Style, created a panic in his society on Saturday evening by falsely claiming that two residents of the building had been tested positive for the coronavirus. He put out a video on social media and left everyone in his society shocked by the news. As per a report in Mid-Day, the actor’s irresponsible behaviour made the residents do an urgent meeting where he was called and asked to apologise. Also Read - Coronavirus in India: Number of Cases Rises to 471, 9 Dead; 30 States and UTs Under Lockdown

The report quoted fellow resident Raman Handa who mentioned that the residents of the Goregaon building faced a moment of panic first but later they were aghast to realise how Sahil could spread wrong information. He said the residents took a stand against him and told him that he would be reported to the local civic officials. Raman added that it was only after he was given a legal threat that he agreed to apologise and delete the video from his social media account. The actor-astrologer asserted that ‘perhaps Sahil did this all to gain mileage.’ Also Read - Janta Curfew: Sachin Tendulkar Heaps Praise on Fellow Indians in Fight Against Coronavirus Pandemic, Says 'India Came Together While Staying at Home'

For Sahil, it was a case of ‘Chinese whispers.’ While talking to the daily, he accepted that he should not have spread unverified information causing panic among the residents and that he feared for his ailing father. Sahil said, “I was worried as my ailing dad was recently discharged from the hospital. I had put up a post about taking precautions. It was a case of Chinese whispers; it was unverified. As soon as other residents asked me, I apologised and deleted the post.” Also Read - Ritesh Sidhwani's Niece Suffers Due to WhatsApp Forward, His Post Explains How Messages Build Panic in Time of Coronavirus

Sahil’s case is the best example of how one needs to be more aware than ever in this time and ensure verification of every information coming his way. The members of the actor’s society set a good example by not believing in any random messages and videos and taking efforts in verifying the information first. Recently, producer Ritesh Sidhwani also faced a similar situation when his niece, who had returned from the UK, was declared tested positive for the COVID-19 by a WhatsApp forward message even before her test reports arrived. Later, she was tested negative for the infection.