There is a murmur that Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been arrested again, after being acquitted in all his court cases. A ‘news’ website, Dastak Times has put up a story with Salman Khan’s picture and the headline (in Hindi) ‘Salman Khan giraftaar kaale dhan ko lekar‘. Strangely, although the story talks about the November 8 demonetisation in the country and how it has affected citizens, nowhere does it mention that the ‘Salman Khan’ they are talking about is the Bollywood actor himself. The UNVERIFIED news story by Dastak Times says that the Mumbai police caught a car full of ‘black money’ in the pink-coloured Rs 2000 notes on Friday, December 16. It goes on to say that a certain Salman Khan was driving the car (highly unlikely since his haunting 2002 hit-and-run case that he has just been acquitted in), and that four other people were with him in the vehicle.Also Read - PM Modi in Tokyo for Quad Summit 2022: Here's What's on Agenda

And speculations have begun around the arrest of Salman Khan and whether his ‘good friends’ in politics will bail him out this time. Well, all this news of Salman Khan’s arrest is hogwash, though! As hogwash as the claim of cashless or ‘less-cash’ economy and Digital India by PM Narendra Modi and his government. Salman Khan has not been arrested, and, in fact, posed happily on Saturday at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) office. Salman Khan has been appointed as the brand ambassador by the BMC for its scheme to discourage citizens of Mumbai from open defecation. This happened after the Tubelight actor complained to the BMC about people using the space opposite his famous house Galaxy Apartment in Bandra west, Mumbai, for relieving themselves in the open. Take a look at Salman Khan meeting the BMC Commissioner! Also Read - Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali: Salman Khan Ghost Directing The Film After Director Farhad Samji's Bachchan Pandey Debacle

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So, the ‘news’ that Salman Khan has been arrested for possession of black money, and that too in the new currency of Rs 2000, is definitely hard to believe and not true! But let’s wait and watch. Meanwhile, in reality, police all over India have found crores of cash and gold even after the demonetisation initiative by the Narendra Modi government to stop corruption, black money and Pakistan’s counterfeit Indian rupees. Maybe Salman Khan should now be made the Face of Demonetisation. What say?

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