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Bollywood super star Salman Khan, who is known to speak his heart out, has flayed killing of innocent people in the name of Jihad. The popular actor took to microblogging site Twitter after the dastardly Peshawar school attack in which 141 persons including 132 school students were killed. Also Read - Kick 2: Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez Starrer's Script Locked By Sajid Nadiadwala

In a series of posts, the Kick star posted on Twitter: “Jihad means struggle. Struggle to be good. Jihad is the most misused word today…logon ne fasad ko jihad bana diya…woman is absolutely equal to man and has equal rights…those who kill in the name of religion have not read the holy book (sic).”  Besides posting his own messages, Salman even re-tweeted a few posts written by Queen Rania of Jordan. “Till when will innocent children pay the horrific price of extremism #PeshawarAttack #ThisIsNotIslam (sic),” read one of her tweets. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Promo Out: Salman Khan Reveals New Logo of The Show | Watch Here

“To save 1 innocent life is to save entire humanity , to kill 1 innocent life is like killing entire humanity…the most heinous crime is killing an innocent…even wen at war u r nt supposed to harm children, women, old people, religious places and agriculture. Vo hum mai se nahi jiske hath aur zubaan se log mehfooz nahi (sic).”

The latest terrorist attack in Pakistan has left everyone heartbroken. The Pakistani Taliban brutally slaughtered around 141 people, out of which 132 of them were children. (READ: Peshawar school attack: Disturbing pictures of the school massacre by Taliban circulated on WhatsApp)

Terrorism continues to overpower humanity and we can do nothing but just hope and pray that the gruelsome acts of terrorism come to an end. The act of killing people in the name of religion is the most insensitive thing anyone could do. It goes without saying that one particular community is being blamed for ages because of the heinous crimes committed by the terror groups.

What terrorists claim to be jihad as and what Islam teaches about Jihad are two completely different things.