Actor Salman Khan has recently launched his own grooming and personal care brand FRSH and starts from selling sanitisers because it is very essential to do sanitisation and as per the need of the hour, sanitiser is their first product to enter the market. On Sunday, Salman took to social media to share the post with a video: “Launching my new grooming and personal care brand FRSH !! @frshgrooming Yeh kya hai? Kiska hai? Kiske liye hai? Aur yeh kab aur kahaan milega? Yeh aapka aur mera, yani ke hamara brand hai! Bohot kuch layega aap tak. Filhal Sanitizers laraha hai. Aap ke liye hai, taaki aap safe aur saaf raho, yeh milega apko pehle FRSH ki website aur phir har jagah Link bio me hai. Try karo @frshgrooming ko follow karo #RahoFrshRahoSafe”.Also Read - Umar Riaz Clearly Says His Bigg Boss 15 Eviction Was a Lie: 'Was told There Were no Votes But we Know it Was a Lie'

One can buy sanitisers in a pack of 2, 3, 5, 8 and 10. The price starts from Rs 50 for 100 ml and Rs 250 for 500 ml. Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz Makes Big Allegation, Says His Profession Was Being Targeted To 'Demoralize' Him

The website ( shares an important message, “There are millions of germs and viruses out there that can make you ill and intercept you from life and career goals. Personal hygiene here plays a very important role. Maintaining good hygiene results in better health, of the body and of the mind. And it all begins with your hands. Your hands are the busiest tools of your body. Germs on your hands can easily enter your body through your mouth, nose, eyes, or ears during your daily activities. Hence it’s vital to keep them clean and sanitized always. Clean/sanitize objects that one may come in contact with, dispose of waste effectively and use gloves when needed. In times like these, a little extra precaution goes a long way in ensuring the wellbeing of you and your entire family. FRSH world encourages you to sanitize! RAHO FRSH, RAHO SAFE!” Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Tells Salman 'It's Not Funny' After Rakhi Claims 'Karan-Shamita Saath Mein Acche Lagte Hai'

Salman Khan is currently staying in Panvel farmhouse with his nephew Nirvaan Khan ever since the lockdown started in March.