TV actor Sejal Sharma who committed suicide last week wrote a note in hurried handwriting mentioning she couldn’t take ‘the pressure of this hard life.’ Now, the actor’s mother talked to Amar Ujala and revealed that as opposed to what most people are thinking, her daughter was not struggling with depression and was happy in her life. Sejal’s mother added that she had bagged a leading role in a TV show and was happy with how things were shaping up for her. The grieving mother went on to say that she has no idea what triggered her daughter to take such a drastic step after she happily got selected as the lead on a show. Also Read - Sejal Sharma Suicide: Jasmin Bhasin Says Actor's Parents Were Not Keeping Well

“She had got a lead role. I don’t know what happened after that she chose to kill herself,” Sejal’s mother told the daily. The officials of the Thane police station said the entire content of her suicide note is yet to be deciphered considering not many words can be made out due to cursive handwriting. The report quoted one of the officials revealing that even though not everything from the letter can be understood, it is clear that the actor had gotten ‘tired of the struggles in life’ and wanted to apologise to her parents for the ‘stigma’ her suicide was going to cause to them. Also Read - After Kushal Punjabi, Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Fame Sejal Sharma Commits Suicide

“We are calling experts to decipher many words in the letter written cursively. However, from whatever we have been able to understand, she was tired of the struggles in life. He also informed that she also apologised to her parents stating that they would have to live with the stigma for her decision (of committing suicide),” said the police. Also Read - Kushal Punjabi's Wife Audrey Dolhen Opens up About Her Husband, Says 'He Failed Our Marriage, Was Careless Father'

Apart from the other things Sejal mentioned in her suicide note, the Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji actor clearly stated that she didn’t want to blame anyone for her decision, just wanted to give up on the struggles.