London, Dec 26: Funnyman Seth Rogen says he cries watching cartoons. Rogen has appeared in a host of successful comedies during his career – including “Superbad” and “The Interview” – but has revealed that it’s cartoons and animated movies that are best at stirring his emotions, reported Femalefirst.Also Read - RIP Rob Gibbs: Man Behind Finding Nemo-Toy Story Dies at 55, Reason of Death Unknown

“Those Pixar movies are good at emotionally manipulating people. ‘Up’ – the beginning of ‘Up’, there’s no way not to cry,” And the 33-year-old star conceded that he’s no stranger to shedding tears while watching animated movies, admitting that the “Toy Story” franchise has moved him in a similar way. “‘Toy Story 2’ and 3 both have parts that will make you cry ever time. No one makes you cry more than cartoons, though. Or any movie where a dog dies, I’ll cry.” (ALSO READ: Sony Pix Version 2.0 to bring Hollywood closer) Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan Loves The Lion King For THIS Reason And Fans Can't Relate More

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