Tamil actor Rekha spoke in length about the unscripted kiss that was added in the scene without her prior consent by director Balachander and actor Kamal Haasan. The veteran actor’s interview about her 1986 film titled Punnagai Mannan has created an uproar on social media with people demanding Haasan’s apology for exploiting Rekha sexually who was just 16 years old when she acted in the film. In her latest interview with news agency IANS, the Tamil actor talked about the incident in detail and mentioned how she doesn’t want to revisit it again and again. Also Read - Sexual Harassment: Rekha Reveals Kamal Haasan Kissed Her Without Her Consent in Balachander's Punnagai Mannan

The popular actor highlighted that the scene was not vulgar or aggressive but it offended her because she was not informed about it. Rekha said she was a young girl then and all she saw was Balachander telling Haasan: ‘Kamal, close your eyes! You remember what I told you, right?’. She added that she didn’t know the kiss would have such a big impact until she watched the film in a theatre. Explaining how she was asked to not think about it so much, Rekha said she talked about the scene with some technicians on the sets and they asked her to forget it. “Suresh Krissna and Vasanth were the associate directors, and I told them I wasn’t informed about the kiss and that I wouldn’t have agreed to it. But they told me to think of it as a big king kissing a small child,” said Rekha. The actor added that she was also told that the scene would not make it through the Censor and she didn’t even know what the Censor Board was. Also Read - Rekha Repeats Her Lehenga From Isha Ambani's Wedding, Sets Example About Recycling Expensive Clothes

When asked if she ever received an apology from either Balachander or Kamal Haasan, the actor said she became a star after the film and everyone got so busy it didn’t strike anyone. “Why would they apologise? The film was a superhit! I got many films after that…”, she said. The veteran actor went on to say there’s no proof of the incident except the people who were present on the sets that day who would know that the ‘kiss happened without my consent.’ Also Read - Gargi College Sexual Harassment Case: 10 People Arrested, 11 Teams Working on Case, Says Delhi Police

When asked if she would want Haasan to apologise to her, Rekha said she doesn’t want to comment on that but all she knows is the fact that if she was asked about the kiss before the scene, she would have said no. The actor added that ‘they did the scene suddenly and it’s over now.’