Bollywood’s very own King Khan is the most patriotic actor ever! If you don’t believe, watch this 1998 interview video of Shah Rukh Khan. The actor is being interviewed by none other than veteran Bollywood actress Farida Jalal about his career, marriage, politics, freedom of speech and patriotism. Also Read - After Quitting Acting, Imran Khan Spotted in Mumbai, Fans Say 'Come Back To Movies'

You cannot simply ignore the fact how Shah Rukh is still humble and down to earth when compared with back in the early days of his career in Bollywood industry. In the interview he talks about how he respects the beliefs of everyone. He talks about while getting married to the love of his life Gauri, religion never cropped up between their love. Also Read - Suhana Khan's Mesmerising Boho-Chic Look in Crop Top And Long Skirt is Simply Stunning

Most importantly Shah Rukh talks about how if he could change the country he would get rid of all the anti-national and anti-socials from India. The actor unabashedly blasts the anti nationals in the interview. He then proceeds to speak extensively about how the ones who start communal riots and fights, those who hurl bombs at each other affect our country. He talks about how much of a drastic impact such anti social elements have on our country. (ALSO READ: Dear Shah Rukh Khan Haters, let’s unite against India’s real issues, because your bullying reflects cowardice!). Also Read - RIP Diego Maradona: Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Others Pay Tribute to Greatest Player of All Time

Shah Rukh says, “ Anti-nationals or anti-socials are people who think they don’t belong to India or are part of India. And I feel even more sad, because my family has fought for this country. Yet people are somehow destroying it.” In the end Shah Rukh remembers his father’s words: Keep this country free, the way I gave it to you.