Padmaavat has marked the biggest opening film for Shahid Kapoor. Never before has the actor been a part of a film that has earned so much on its opening day. The actor has been highly appreciated for his role as Maha Rawal Ratan Singh, the brave Rajput ruler. However, it was Ranveer Singh whose role as the menacing Delhi Sultanate ruler, Alauddin Khilji that stole all the attention. So was Shahid aware of this before? Did he anticipate it? If yes, what made him take a role that many actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Fawad Khan reportedly declined? In an interview with DNA, the actor revealed it all, saying that he wouldn’t have done the film if it hadn’t been for his wife, Mira Rajput. Also Read - Jersey Release Date Out: Shahid Kapoor's Sports Drama To Have Theatrical Release This Diwali

Speaking to the leading daily, Shahid said, “Everyone I know told me not to do the film. They said, ‘It already has Ranveer and Deepika, so why do you want to be the third spoke in the wheel?’ Honestly, even I believed that in the beginning. I thought to myself, it must be a guest appearance. Why would Bhansali sir suddenly think about it two months after the other star cast was announced? But I’m such a huge lover of his work that I had to meet him to try and understand what was going on,” he said. Furthermore, he said that he was at that juncture when he had just become a father and was in the first year and a half of his marriage with successful films like Haider and Udta Punjab to his credit, and at the same time a flop like Shaandaar to offset that as well. “o, it was a time of transit. It was this time when I had one foot in success and the other in failure. And I was trying to find out how I was going to move forward. When Sanjay sir came, he just looked at me and told me what was the role. He asked me, “Why do you think that the negative character is the only character that matters? Even the positive character can be good.” (ALSO READ : Shahid Kapoor – Ranveer Singh’s Rivalry Continues, Check This Tweet About Padmaavat By The Udta Punjab Actor) Also Read - Shahid Kapoor To Play Karna in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's Adaptation of Mahabharata

He was reportedly assured that he would be happy playing the part at the end of the experience, and Shahid, who always wanted to work with Bhansali instantly said yes. However, the actor, later on went on to say that if it hadn’t been for Mira, he probably wouldn’t have done the film. “I like my work to speak for itself. Fortunately, God has been kind and I’ve found my centre. I’m feeling good about myself and I’m happy that most of my work has found appreciation. But if it wasn’t for my wife, I may have missed out the opportunity of working with Sanjay sir, whose work I’ve always loved. Mira was the only one who encouraged me to do Padmaavat. She asked me to put my faith in the project and do it. If Mira hadn’t told me, I may not have done Padmaavat because everyone else was asking me to say ‘No’ to this film,” he said. Also Read - Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh Recount Their Love Story, Say 'Ang Laga De Kiss Was So Intensely Passionate'