Mumbai, September 20: In the newest twist to the Jiah Khan suicide case, forensic expert Jason Payne-James of Forensic Healthcare Services Ltd has claimed that the Bollywood actress’ suicide was staged! The Ghajini actress had committed suicide on June 3, 2013, in Mumbai. The actress was found hanging in her room after an alleged fight and break-up with boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi, the son of actors Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab. All these years, Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan aka Rabiya, a former actress herself, had been fighting a court case in the Bombay High Court since 2013 where she alleged that her daughter was murdered by Sooraj Pancholi. The Hero actor had spent some days in custody before being released on bail but was charged with abetment of suicide. The Bombay High Court eventually gave him a clean chit in June 2016 and ruled out murder in the case. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Takes a Dig at Hrithik Roshan After BMC Mayor Calls Her 'Do Takke Ke Log'

Now, Mumbai Mirror has revealed that actor Jiah Khan’s hanging was staged. The report is based on the findings of British forensic expert Jason Payne-James, who claims that the marks on Jiah Khan’s face and neck indicate that it’s “not a simple case of suicide”. Rabia Khan will share the new findings with a Mumbai sessions court on Wednesday, September 20, says the tabloid. But the court has the discretion of accepting the new report by a foreign expert or rejecting it, since Jason Payne-James was hired by Rabia Khan and not the state. Also Read - BMC Mayor Calls Kangana Ranaut '2 Takke Ke Log' While Reacting to HC's Judgment in Property Demolition Case

Aditya Pancholi reacted to the new development, telling The Times of India, “This report is from a private forensic lab and it’s paid. We will see if a court admits it or not. The investigations have been done by different agencies and all of them have come to the same conclusion [that it was a suicide]. Also Read - BMC Might Move Supreme Court Against HC's Decision in Kangana Ranaut Property Demolition Case

TOI reports Jason Payne-James studies vs Indian experts as follows: 

On the injury marks on Jiah Khan’s lower lip, Indian forensic experts said: Teeth marks caused on lower lip during “commission of the act [suicide]”. Jason Payne-James says: Not typical teeth marks. Indicative of “blunt force trauma to the mouth region (for example punching or a hand placed over the mouth)”.

On the marks on Jiah Khan’s neck after her suicide, Indian forensic experts said: Caused by “slippage of ligature material [dupatta] slightly downwards”, while Jason Payne-James says: Dupatta could not have created well-defined abraded ligature marks.

Jason Payne-James of Forensic Healthcare Services Ltd concludes: Apparent intention to attribute death to suicide may mean real possibility of a staged hanging subsequent to earlier death at the hands of another has been missed.

In an interview to DNA, Rabia Khan poured her heart out. She revealed yesterday, “I very clearly remember one of the hearings in the High Court. The judge asked the police as to what was used by the deceased to commit suicide. The officer, after looking at the photograph of my daughter, replied: ‘I think it is a rope’. My counsel reminded him that the panchnama claimed it to be a white-coloured muslin dupatta. If it indeed were to be a dupatta, why were its dimensions not mentioned anywhere, she asked. And where is the dupatta?”

Rabia Khan added, “The sad part is that the irresponsible behaviour of the police towards my daughter’s case did not end there. When the High Court asked them to show the dupatta, they said that it was with the Forensic Science Laboratory for a dna test. But the FSL makes no mention about it. Also there was no mention about the whereabouts of the track suit used by my daughter.”

Explaining why she approached Jason Payne-James from the UK, Rabia Khan said, “Immediately after my daughter’s death, the US government had sent its officers to Mumbai in order to extend a helping hand, but the CBI officers refused to join hands and said that they were capable enough. The CBI officials, at one point, intimidated us for the same and asked me to inform the officials to not involve in the matter….Finally I approached Jason Payne-James, who has found out several discrepancies in the CBI investigations. But since we are yet to submit the findings to the High Court, we cannot reveal the details of the report now.”

It may be recalled that the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) had filed a charge sheet in the case on December 9, 2015, which had revealed some shocking details about the Jiah Khan suicide case. It was reported that the charge sheet filed by the CBI revealed that Jiah Khan was pregnant with Sooraj Pancholi’s child. It gave graphic details of how Jiah Khan’s lover Sooraj Pancholi ‘helped’ her ‘extricate her foetus’, even as she was obviously bleeding profusely. ALSO READ: Jiah Khan suicide case: Sooraj Pancholi extricated Jiah’s foetus to help her abort! Shocking!

The Bollywood couple had apparently approached a doctor for medical termination of pregnancy that is an abortion, but that process went wrong. The foetus was aborted but it lead to haemorrhage. Sooraj Pancholi then allegedly extricated the foetus and disposed it of in the toilet!

Rabia Khan had earlier reproduced an emotional letter from Jiah Khan to Sooraj Pancholi, written days before she committed suicide. That letter went viral and it clearly showed Jiah Khan was thinking of taking the extreme step. Sooraj Pancholi maintained that the letter was being misused by Jiah Khan’s mother to make a case of murder against him. ALSO READ: Jiah Khan suicide: Here’s what Sooraj Pancholi texted Jiah, minutes before she ended her life!

The CBI charge sheet in 2015 had said about Jiah Khan’s letter and Sooraj Pancholi: “The wilful conduct of the accused narrated in the note written by the deceased, her intimate relationship, the physical abuse, the mental and physical torture which she experienced, allegedly led the deceased to commit suicide…the accused are presumed to be innocent till their guilt is finally established after a fair trial.”

But the case was closed once Sooraj Pancholi was given a clean chit. Watch this space for updates on the Jiah Khan suicide case.