Shruti Haasan recently made a strong post in which she admitted to having gone under the knife and getting face enhancements surgeries done in the past. She also revealed that she had been dealing with hormonal problems which affect her lifestyle drastically. Now, in her latest interview with a daily, Shruti talked about all the problems in detail and why she decided to not hide anymore. The actor said she ‘went crazy with lip fillers‘ when she was young and has just begun her career in the film industry. Shruti also confessed to have undergone a nose corrective surgery. The actor talked to Mumbai Mirror in length and explained how suffering from PCOS makes life unimaginably difficult and she’s speaking now because she doesn’t want young girls to think that she woke up like this.Also Read - Shruti Haasan Talks About Plastic Surgery, Hormonal Pain And Body Shaming in an Important Viral Post

Shruti said she felt like writing the revelatory post after she attended a function the other day where people kept asking her why she looked different. She said she felt upset to realise that why couldn’t people understand that she’s a woman and changing hormones do make you look changed which is not a ‘rocket science.’ Shruti added that she is the child of famous people and she doesn’t want to deny that she had gone under the knife to look how she does today. Also Read - Trending Bollywood News Today, January 29: Shruti Haasan Celebrates Birthday With 'Dweeby Dance' And a Lovely Note to Fans For 'Wonderful Life'

The actor explained how she never liked the way her nose looked after suffering two injuries while growing up. Shruti said even breathing ‘didn’t feel right’ and that was the reason she decided to go for nose surgery. ” I just felt like I had a broken something and it needed fixing. A lot of people don’t admit to getting lip and cheek filler, but I am happy to say I did. I didn’t like how thin my lips were. There was a time when I went crazy with lip fillers. It took me a couple of years of experimenting, but now I have come back a lot closer to my natural look,” she said. Also Read - Entertainment News Today January 16, 2020: Kajol-Shruti Haasan-Neha Dhupia-Neena Kulkarni's Short Film 'Devi' is All Things Poignant

Shruti said she had asked many people who took lip fillers when she first started taking them and everyone told her that it was nothing but a balm or they had rubbed something on their lips. The actor said she was told by her directors and other people that her face didn’t look ‘Indian enough’ and therefore, she decided to go for lip fillers. However, Shruti mentioned that she regrets the decision now because those fillers never felt good. The popular South Indian star mentioned that she doesn’t want young girls to think that lip fillers give you some extra confidence. Shruti said she never liked it and ‘didn’t feel good all the time I got them.’ The actor added that she just wants to share her journey today without promoting any facial enhancements. Shruti went on to reveal, “I have PCOS and dysmenorrhea, and it makes every menstrual cycle really painful for me. We can’t talk about it, because of the stigma attached to it and lack of awareness. There are many women like me, grappling with mood swings, weight gain, excess hair, hair loss, pimples and a lot more, that comes with the territory. Every month is a battle.”

Shruti Haasan is the daughter of towering South Indian personality Kamal Haasan and Sarika. The actor has a younger sister named Akshara Haasan who’s also an actor.