Sima Taparia from Mumbai, the host of popular Netflix show Indian Matchmaking has finally responded to the pool of memes made on her after her appearance on the show. The Indian matchmaker takes pride in her profession and says that she’s happy to see people are talking about the show. In her latest conversation with Pinkvilla, Simy aunty (as she’s called in the show) responded to the kind of memes being made on her and how she’s even open to working for people in Bollywood.Also Read - Meet Sima Taparia, The Host of Netflix's 'Indian Matchmaking' Who Has Become The New Viral Sensation

Taparia said that she hasn’t read everything that’s written about her but she is thankful to all the viewers. “I thank all my viewers for their love. It’s been really great reading reviews and messages from social media. I love my fans too,” she said. Reacting to the viral memes and fan pages named after her, she simply said she’s positive about everything. “I always take everything positive. It makes me stronger. I have read quite a few (reviews) as time permits and love them. At present viewers are calling/ sending emails and I am trying to answer them as much as possible,” she added. Also Read - Sima Taparia From Mumbai: Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

It is believed that none of the matches shown in the show – Vyasar, Aparna, Pradhyuman, Akshay, and Nadia among others – ended up with their respective matches, but Taparia says she’s in touch with all of them. “Keeping a long term relationship is the key here. Once I meet them neither I forget nor do they,” she said.

Taparia is looking at expanding her horizon by reaching out to the film industry to build her profile. She said that a client is a client and she would not mind finding a match for them. Sima aunty is also open to being seen in the second season of the series on Netflix. “Clients are clients. I am open to all. The show is still very young. Netflix will decide in time to come,” she said.

Sima Taparia came under fire for promoting sexism, racism, body-shaming, backward thinking, and cultural stereotypes on the show. From telling someone that she has to make a compromise because of her body or being a divorcee, or her age – the host did everything in all the honesty of her job.