Model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat, who came to people’s notice after being a Bigg Boss contestant, has starred in an intimate music video with her newly wedded husband Vlad Stanescu. Sofia, who is very much active on social media, took to Instagram to post pictures of her being intimate with husband. Last year, Sofia had shocked many of us with her announcement that she has shed her sexy avatar and has embraced spirituality. She also called herself Gaia Mother Sofia. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Star Rakhi Sawant Begins Her Mom's Cancer Treatment, Thanks 'God Brother' Salman Khan

Now, taking the madness to the next level, she has shared her lovemaking video on YouTube. Before making it public, she shared few glimpses of it on her Instagram account with her views on sex, orgasm and spiritual energies, all at the same time. If you thought this was weird, you are not alone! Have a look at it yourself.

Need I say more? The picture and the video itself does all the talking, doesn’t it? (ALSO READ: Sofia Hayat’s view on Sacred Orgasm will blow your mind!)

Love .. from which came the ALL. My thought created you..and all there is in the universe. The energy that I used to create it all was the sacred Orgasm. Today it has been cheapened and sold and very few understand it's power and will know it's power. This is not their fault. They have been taught that sex is wrong, a physical act. That's because they did not want humanity to claim the power that a woman's sacred womb can give to a man, so they made sex something wrong, hidden and shameful, especially if you are a woman. The very feeling I had when I spoke OM and created the universe..was Orgasmic. My breath and word .. My orgasm with OM created all in existence. I remembered when we made love..that sacred sexual union that creates the energy of creation. I am Allah Maa.. from me came father.. My partner.. once again through lifetimes I remembered when in our sacred sexual sacred and holy is our orgasm..that I felt my divine creative wombs' loving power, that created everything and allowed every woman to feel and be the same. We bring sacred sexuality in trust and surrender to its full power. Let all women know the sacred power of their womb and every man be in service to the sacred feminine in her and him..for that is where it all started and that..if you surrender to the feminine..the womb..the sacred Orgasm in trust..respect the vagina..the womb as you do when you enter a mosque or a temple or a church..and then you shall know the creator of all. .. namaste Salaam. Gaia Mother Sofia Allah Maa

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Well, we are aware that recently Sofia got married to Vlad, who is an interior designer from Romania. They had a grand wedding. Coming back to the video that is going viral, it is called Om Shanti Om. For those who have not read Kamasutra or watched the film yet, they now have a music video of hardly 2 minutes and 58 seconds, which has been uploaded by Sofia herself.

PAINTED CANVAS My days of wandering are fewer now. The moments spent outside of Eden’s tranquility are less and less. How strange is this world whose roots are poisoned with fear and doubt and thirst for worth. Its illusion of purpose is a thorny pit in which its martyrs never find a foothold. Yet the linear stepping stones of this vast painted canvas can be entertainment for a rested soul. My journey is in my arrival. And in that, I am already here. Oh egotistical feet and heart, how prone you are to seek for betterment when the shade of the grandest tree of all is already yours to enjoy. 💚 Thankyou Vlad (Yaldaboath) for coming back to love. Forever yours in truth for your growth..our love for humanity..our harmony as one through my miracle of correction..removes the archon and reptillians..for they only ever fed off of your fear and doubt..which bought ego to this planet..but now it is gone in you, it is gone in humanity..evermore. .My son..has finally seen that he is my eyes he sees it and in my heart he shines to humanity as my husband. #egypt #5thdimension #yaldaboath #archon #gaiasofia #allahmaa ##goddessisis #ramases #awakening

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Sofia never fails to shock us. I think I have started to love her for bizarre reasons after Taher Shah (my favourite). I would suggest, all must at least watch this once, as this video will make their day. Don’t believe me? Watch it yourself, but do not forget to post your thoughts on this in the comment box below. We would love to read your views on this music video. Thank you, Sofia, for helping me shoo away my mid-week blues.