Bollywood singer and musician Sona Mohapatra, who is popular for her unabashed stances for being vocal about her opinions, recently targeted actors Jacqueline Fernandez, Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pendekar. In her latest interaction with (Zee Group), the singer opened up on how actors earlier took efforts in lip-syncing songs, making audience feel as if they are singing themselves. However, nowadays, Sona thinks actors do not put any effort in lip synchronisation.Also Read - Sona Mohapatra on Masakali 2.0: Makers Should Take Legal Action Against Music Label; Have a Spine Like Aamir Khan

Sona Mohapatra said, ‘Pichle Zamaane mein (in previous times), actors would at least used to work on their lip-sync. When you do Saiyaan Tere Pyaar Mein Lut Gaye Hum Baazar Mein (she sings the song), when you do Saiyaan, Baazar, your mouth is supposed to open. Here, for some example, I sang some qawwali or something for Jacqueline Fernandez (pauses)… I think Jacqueline Fernandez. Woh Saiyaan bolte waqt mooh khola hi nahi usne, Saiyaan karke muh band rakha hai (she didn’t open her mouth while lip-syncing, immediately after the word Saiyaan, she kept her mouth shut). I am like, lip-sync karna bhi ek art hai jo humare pichle generation mein actors used to work on (lip-syncing is an art that actors from previous generations used to work on) . They used to make sure they know the lyrics by heart, their throat would show a certain strain when they were lip-syncing and they used to look like they were singing the song.”

Sona further mentioned Saand Ki Aankh’s example. She said, “I sang the song for this young, very talented music composer , Vishal Mishra, in this celebrated film called Saand Ki Aankh, and they are supposedly, you know, more serious actresses in it, and yet, I would like to ask Bhumi (Pednekar) and Taapsee (Pannu), did you not hear the song once before you did a lip-sync because there is no effort to even lip-sync the song in a way ki woh lage ki woh gaana bhi gaa rahe hai (it’d look like they were singing). Kyunki set pe aagaye or aise thoda muh hila diya aur cut away hogaye (they just arrived on set and moved their lips a bit) and actually the audience get it. They are like ki lag nahi raha hai ki gaana ga rahi hai (it doesn’t look like they are singing) and you know people don’t know why it’s the case.”

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