Sona Mohapatra, who had often courted controversies, is making headlines again. The singer was blamed by several for mispronouncing several words in a song written by ‘Bhakta Salabega’, who was a saint poet, in the 17th century. Trolls have shamed the singer and alleged that by doing this, she has killed the song. The ‘no nonsense’ Sona hit back at Trolls and threatened them to go naked after she was told this by one of the trolls. Also Read - Sona Mohapatra Saddened With Jacqueline Fernandez, Taapsee Pannu, Bhumi Pednekar's lip-Syncing to Her Songs

When the outrage first began, she wrote, “Dear Odisha & Media, Did you notice that in the ‘Ahe Nila Saila’ performance I wear a hand crafted,traditional Odishi dancers belt of silver & filigree jewelry that is also a dying art & handicraft from Odisha because most of you prefer ‘modern’ generic jewelry.” But a troll decided to shame her and wrote, “Madam Lalpari this is vajan not a morden song what u had were a hafe naked gaun with high hill sandles.Shame on u .You r from odisha. This song represents our culture,who gave d right to destroy it.chori upre se sinachhori.Odia jati pain tume gote kalanka. (sic)” This is when the singer hit back. She wrote, “Oye, shut up you & your lot of illeterates. Have had enough of you & your moronic vomit on my timeline all of the last few days. I’ll go full naked with higher ‘hills’ & show you Chandis true colours if you don’t shut up. She doesn’t wear clothes btw. ” Also Read - Sona Mohapatra on Raising Funds to Feed The Needy by Doing Facebook Live Shows

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An FIR was lodged against people, who burnt an effigy of Sona Mohapatra in Puri. Not just this, it has now become a political issue as Congress has poked fun at CM Naveen Patnaik for not speaking in Odiya during his speeches as well. Watch this space for further updates.