Singer Sonu Nigam, who is currently in Dubai and has not been able to return to India because the lockdown, has been trending all through Tuesday, but for all the wrong reasons. A tweet that he posted three years ago in 2017 suddenly resurfaced on social media drawing online ire. A section of the media even erroneously reported that the singer has been forced to deactivate his Twitter account owing to the cyber onslaught. The truth is Sonu had deleted his Twitter account long ago, in 2017, after facing massive trolling over tweet comments he had made back then criticising the ‘azaan’. He has never been back on the social media microblogging site, though he does have an Instagram account. Also Read - Sonu Nigam Urges Fans To Donate Blood Before Its 'Acute Shortage', Reveals He Tested Covid-19 Positive

Sonu’s controversial tweets had come around this time in 2017 and a section of the Twiteratti, probably without checking the date, posted screenshots of the old tweets. These screenshots started going viral on Tuesday. Also Read - Sonu Nigam Says 'Kumbh Mela Shouldn't Have Taken Place' in His Viral Instagram Video - Watch

Some of Sonu’s fans feel the three-year-old tweet is being resurrected in order to harass the singer in Dubai.

“Wish he hadn’t deactivated his account. I fully support him. #WithYouSonuNigam” wrote a fan.

Sonu Nigam is stranded in Dubai. In his latest interview with Mid-Day, Sonu revealed that he couldn’t risk his life by traveling and therefore, decided to stay in Dubai for some more time until there’s normalcy in the state. He was told that his Mumbai concert had got cancelled and that’s when he decided to spend some more time with the family living in Dubai.

(With inputs from IANS)