South Korean actor Kim Ji Soo who was accused of sexual assault and school violence by a former classmate has been removed from the show River Where The Moon Rises. Naver and News1 confirmed the news and reported that Ji Soo, the main lead who was playing the character of Ondal in the hit series River Where The Moon Rises is out from the show due to the school violence and sexual harassment charges against him. However, the production house is still in discussions about the replacement actor, the filming, and the past cuts that feature Ji Soo.Also Read - South Korean Actor Kim Ji-Soo Accused of Sexual Assault And Violence - Official Statement

A source from the Cube Entertainment agency told News1 that the lead actor of tvN’s highly popular show, Mr. Queen – Na In Woo- is getting proposals for the replacement role and the agency is still discussing the possibility of him playing the role of Ondal. Both KBS and the production house are facing issues after suffering huge losses as the show completed filming almost 90 per cent of the content, till episode 18 (in a total of 20 episodes). Both the companies are going to face a huge blow on their costs whether they choose to remove the cuts filmed by Ji Soo, edit it, or re-shoot it with a new actor. Also Read - BTS Singer V's Indians Fans Can't Keep Calm After he Folds His Hands For Namaste At The End of Video, Watch Viral Video

On March 5, a spokesperson for KBS told Star News that they have come to the decision of removing Kim Ji Soo from the show. “Ji Soo, who has recently become the center of controversy, will be stepping down from River Where the Moon Rises,” they stated. “We are currently in discussions with the production company about our next steps,” they added. Also Read - Song Yoo-Jung, South Korean Actor, Dies At The Age of 26, Here's All You Need To Know About Her

Ji Soo also uploaded a handwritten apology letter on his official Instagram account admitting the actions, as earlier an anonymous user posted on social media claiming to be Ji Soo’s former classmate and accused him of being a perpetrator of school violence.

— Written by Aditi Adhikari