Squid Game news: Korean drama Squid Game might have created a stir on social media but things have been turning really bizarre across the border. The South Korean series has got unimaginable popularity all across the world but the same has cost the citizens of North Korea their life. As reported by American news media outlet Radio Free Asia, students in North Korea received severe punishment after they were caught watching Squid Game.Also Read - BTS Boys To Quarantine For 10 Days After Returning To South Korea Post LA Concert | Here's Why

The report mentioned that a few citizens were caught importing the Netflix show on USB drives across the border but the authorities got to know of the same and while two of them were sentenced to five years of labour reformation, one of them was sentenced to life prison. Many others who were charged with importing labour USB sticks with the Korean drama were shot dead. The report added that seven high school students from Chongjin City and North Hamgyong Province were caught watching the thriller by the 109th Joint Command of Staff’s inspection. Also Read - Red Notice Becomes Most-Watched Film on Netflix, Gal Gadot-Dwayne Johnson Feel Over The Moon With Film Creating History

The whole chain of students was established after one of them got caught and he revealed the identity of the one he purchased the USB from who in turn revealed about the one who originally passed the USB. The case is now being treated as the only case of juvenile offence with such a harsh punishment. The authorities, however, are viewing it as a case that would strengthen the country’s censorship of foreign content. Also Read - BTS V Surprises ARMY With Squid Game Outfit But Ended Up Hurting His Knee During 'Cool' Gesture

Not just the students, but the principal, the youth secretary and the teachers from the high school were also punished in the case. Some of them also had to lose their jobs.

Meanwhile, Squid Game will reportedly be back with a second season. At least director Dong-hyuk hinted at the same recently.