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Move over the regular steamy stripping scenario that Hollywood movies dish out to make you go ooo la la. Forget about sexy. Stripping could actually be awkward and downright ugly. Don’t believe us? Watch this compilation that can actually turn out to be a myth buster. Miles away from candle lights, petals strewn across the bed and a hottie shedding her bare essentials these scenes will make you go WTF! They are as funny as they are quirky and risque. From American Pie to Little Miss Sunshine–the range offered here is quite elaborate! (also watch: Masturbation: Unpardonable sin, guilt trip or pleasure drive? Watch video) Also Read - Vaani Kapoor Strips Off Clothes on Social Media: Sexy Befikre Actress Throws #StripToBasics Challege in Hot Videos

How often does a guy invite his in-laws and a gang of stiptease under the same roof? it is a hilarious scenario indeed. But one shouldn’t push the envelope too much. Watching little kids acting like a pro stripper is not our idea of funny. Watch this video and tell us if you agree or agtree to disagree. But some scenes will leave you rolling on the floor, for sure. Do take a look! Also Read - Model Forced To Strip Naked and Filmed in Colombian Police Station! X-Rated Video Shows Disturbing Handcuffed Performance