Salman Khan’s upcoming film Sultan has been making a lot of buzz in the entertainment world. The trailer of the film had everyone talking. While it received mixed response from the audience, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan was quite stunned to see the trailer too. Movie buffs have already been talking about the possible similarities between Aamir Khan starrer Dangal & Salman Khan starrer Sultan for quite some time now. But after watching the trailer of Salman Khan starrer, Aamir Khan could pretty much relate to the on-going rumours. (ALSO READ: Sultan vs Dangal: Why Salman Khan as wrestler will bite the dust in front of Aamir Khan)

News has it that Mr Perfectionist called Aditya Chopra soon after watching his film’s trailer. The conversation was pretty much kind of a debate and the topic was nothing but the dhobi-pachad move showcased in Sultan. Aamir was quite infuriated with the scene as the same move is the key aspect of his upcoming biopic too.Also Read - Salman Khan Speaks on Being Pitted Against Brother-in-Law Aayush in Antim

Now since everyone has already seen Sultan’s trailer which is all set to hit the silver screen by Eid 2016 there is not much the makers could do to change anything. Additionally, Dangal will release on Christmas 2016 and the film’s trailer is yet to be showcased. Hence, Aamir Khan is planning to postpone the release dates of his next film. (ALSO READ: Sultan music review: Salman Khan & Anushka Sharma starrer is a complete music package!) Also Read - After Burning Crackers, Salman Khan's Fans Waste Milk on Antim Posters, Watch Viral Video

Is Mr Perfectionist trying to avoid further comparisons between the film? Is he trying to add some more uniqueness to make his film stand out from the Salman Khan starrer? Also Read - Antim: Salman Khan Requests Fans Not to Burn Crackers in Theatre, Shares Shocking Video

Aamir Khan has taken a lot of efforts to prep up for his role in Dangal. He gained a lot of weight and also lost a lot of them to  fit the character of the movie perfectly. Since he has been making preparations for more than a year now, he would definitely not want his efforts to go in vain. (ALSO READ: Have you seen Aamir Khan’s new look for Dangal?)

Will Aamir’s decision to push Dangal’s release dates help? What do you think guys?