Actors Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul announced on Sunday that they are expecting their first child soon. Now, in a heartfelt conversation with a news daily, Sumeet opened up on how he and Ekta decided to break the news amid these tough times of the coronavirus lockdown. The actor said it was Ekta’s idea to come out with the news because she wanted to spread some positivity around. The Permanent Roommates star added that earlier, he used to be worried about being a father for the first time but now, all he is concerned about is the wellbeing of his child since the baby will see a different world which is currently under a lot of trouble.Also Read - Sumeet Vyas, Ekta Kaul to Welcome Their First Child, Couple Announces Good News With Adorable Pictures

Sumeet talked to Mumbai Mirror in his latest interview and said,  “(the prime concern) now, it’s safety. I don’t want our child to grow up in an environment where they can’t go out to play. But I’m an optimist and believe that this too shall pass.” Ekta meanwhile is busy surrounding herself with positive things like meditating, reading and watching good movies. Also Read - Sumeet Vyas Excited About Permanent Roommates Going The Audible Way

Ekta has still found a silver lining in this difficult time. She is happy that at least her workaholic husband is getting to spend more time with her while they gear up to welcome their first child. The actor said having Sumeet around brings a lot of emotional strength and that’s important currently. Her husband though mentioned that he always thought that being around each other all the time will only irritate them. However, things are different. He was quoted saying, “I don’t know when I will get alone time with her again, especially after our child is born. I always thought if I spent too much time with someone, we’d end up getting irritated. But we aren’t fighting much, so I guess that proves I’m not a bad companion.” Also Read - Sumeet Vyas' Nostalgic Videos of Fooling Around With Ribbon Co-Star Kalki Koechlin Relates Well With Fans Spending Weekend Indoors!

Sumeet’s aunt is a gynecologist and runs a maternity hospital. The couple was planning to have their baby at their aunt’s hospital but now, they are reconsidering their options since it’s difficult to rely on one thing at this time. “We’d want to have our baby in my aunt’s maternity hospital, but if the current scenario doesn’t improve, we might have to think of alternate options,” said Sumeet.