The latest development in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case is that the housekeeper of the late actor Neeraj Singh has allegedly claimed that SSR used to smoke marijuana cigarettes. Neeraj has given statements to Mumbai Police and has allegedly said that a few days before Sushant’s death, he had rolled some marijuana cigarettes (joints) for Sushant Singh Rajput. When Neeraj checked the box after his death on June 14, the box was empty.Also Read - Ankita Lokhande: I Haven't Done Anything Wrong With Sushant Singh Rajput | Exclusive Interview

News portal India Today has exclusively accessed the three-page statement of Neeraj Singh to Mumbai Police. In the statement, Neeraj said, “In April 2019 I worked as part of housekeeping staff. I came to work from reference from another known person of Sushant Singh Sir. I got the job here. I fell ill and then I left work. Then again, I joined back after few days. In May 2019 itself, Sushant’s manager, Samuel Miranda, contacted me and called me back to work. I had started work at Capri Heights Pali market residence. My work was related to cleaning, walking the dogs, serving food and tea and other things to Sushant. When I started working with them, Rajat Mewati, Siddharth Pithani, Ayush, Samuel Miranda, Anandi, Samuel Haokip, Ashok Khasu, and Keshav were working for Sushant. Then Sushant sir, in December 2019, shifted to Mount Blanc apartment at Joggers Park, Bandra.” Also Read - Ankita Lokhande: One Day, They'll Understand What Sushant Singh Rajput Meant to me | Exclusive

Neeraj Singh’s statement to Mumbai Police: “Earlier, when we were staying at Capri Heights, he would lock the bedroom while going out of Mumbai and keep the keys in the kitchen. But since we shifted to Mont Blanc, only when Sushant sir was changing or when Rhea mam was present inside the room, the door would be locked. Rest all the times, the room was never locked. That is the reason I had no idea where the bedroom keys were.” Also Read - 2 Years of Chhichhore: Tahir Raj Bhasin Reminisces How Sushant Singh Rajput Kept Him Motivated on Sets

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Capri Heights Pali market flat was haunted

“When we were staying at Capri Heights Pali market flat, we were given walkie talkie sets. Sushant sir would call us or tell us for work through walkie talkie sets. One night while I was asleep, on the walkie I heard a sound saying “Neeraj shut the light”. I went towards sir’s bedroom and saw that he was asleep and the lights were off. Sometime later, I heard a similar sound again and went to check. I found that the lights were off and Sushant sir was asleep. I got very scared and couldn’t sleep that night. When we were there, we could hear the lift going up and down and sometimes we even the sound of drum beats. That is the reason Sushant sir had shifted to Waterstones Club from Capri Heights for some days.”

Sushant Singh Rajput would consume liquor and Marijuana cigarettes

“Sushant sir would party once or twice every week with Anandi, Rhea, and Ayush at home. He would consume liquor and Marijuana cigarettes during those parties. Samuel Jacob would roll the joints for Sushant sir. Sometimes I would roll the joints for him. Before Sushant sir committed suicide, I rolled the marijuana cigarettes for him for three days which were kept in a cigarette case in a cupboard near the staircase. After Sushant sir’s suicide, I saw that the marijuana cigarettes box was empty.”