Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters told Mumbai Police that the late actor was ‘feeling low’ and had consulted the psychiatrist back in 2013. However, what Sushant’s sisters Neetu Singh, Priyanka Singh, and Meetu Singh told the Mumbai Police contradicts what their father had said in a police complaint in Bihar – the family was not aware of Sushant’s mental health problems.Also Read - Fans Call Rhea Chakraborty 'Param Sundari' as She Wears Lehenga Worth 1 Lakh at Anushka Ranjan's Wedding

Meanwhile, Sushant’s family lawyer Vikas Singh said that the sisters were ‘pained by the negative campaign on the mental health of Sushant’. The lawyer also alleged that the statements recorded by Mumbai Police were in Marathi, was not read out to them, and sisters were ‘forced to sign’ those statements. The statements were recorded in the presence of OP Singh, a senior officer from Haryana. Also Read - Rhea Chakraborty’s Mobile Phone, Laptops And Other Gadgets Returned, Bank Account De-Freezed

Vikas Singh further said, “It’s being reported as if the family concealed the mental illness. The FIR clearly says that Rhea Chakraborty is responsible for this problem. The treatment which was given to SSR by Rhea wasn’t shared with the family. Only tablets were given but no details of the illness was shared with the family.” Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput's Sister Shweta Singh Kirti Feels Proud as Chhichhore Wins National Award

Priyanka Singh said in her statement, “In 2013, my brother Sushant Singh Rajput told me and other sisters that he is feeling very low. He used to come out of all this once we all convinced him. In 2013 he consulted a psychiatrist in Andheri. After that he became very composed and his career was progressing well. He had attained huge success in very little time.”

“In October 2019, he told our whole family that he is feeling low, and hence I, my husband, and the other sisters came to meet my brother at his flat in Mumbai. All our sisters lived with him for some time and convinced him properly. My brother was feeling low due to professional ups and downs. My sister Neetu Singh asked her to come with him to Delhi he said that he will come some days later’, she added.

She told the police, “In November 2019 my brother was feeling low and hence he was taking medical treatment with Dr. Kersi Chawda in Hinduja hospital. In March 2020, due to COVID-19, he was living at home, reading books, doing exercise and meditation as well as yoga. On 4 June I called my brother and I asked why did not call for four to five days, he was feeling low. At that time, I told him that after the lockdown is over, I will come to meet him. On June 12, my sister went from his house to Goregaon, as she had some work in her house. On June 14 (she) called in the afternoon to tell me my brother has committed suicide… After that, I left for Mumbai from Delhi immediately by flight. I don’t know if Sushant has committed suicide due to business or any other reasons.”

Meetu Singh told Mumbai Police about OOctober 2019 and said, “He was calm and when I asked what happened he told me that he cannot go anywhere due to the lockdown and (he is) feeling bored. At that time, he told me that after the lockdown is over we will go around in this in South India. I don’t know if Sushant committed suicide due to business or any other reasons.”

Neetu Singh said, “Before 2019, my son Sushant did not show any signs of mental illness. It should be probed why immediately after coming in contact with Rhea Chakraborty his mental health started deteriorating rapidly.”

Regarding WhatsApp chat of June indicating Priyanka Singh where  she had asked her brother to take anxiety and depression medicine, lawyer Vikas Singh said she was taking medicine for her own anxiety and had shared the prescription with Sushant.