Colors prime-time show Swaragini is going through an exciting part once again. The two sisters, Swara and Ragini, have parted ways all again owing to the ongoing troubles in their life. Ragini, who used to love Swara beyond anything in life, has now become her biggest enemy. Adarsh and Parineeta had created such circumstances for them which forced Ragini to believe that Swara and Sanskar are trying to take revenge on Laksh. Ragini doubts her sister’s intentions and starts to hate her. To save her husband Laksh, she unites with Adarsh and Parineeta unaware of their real intentions. Also Read - Swaragini Actor Tejasswi Prakash is Water Baby in Her Latest Video From Thailand Vacation

Swara is now all alone and so is Sanskar. His own family has disowned him and is accusing him of the mistake that he has not committed at all. Swara tries hard to convince Ragini, but she is not ready to listen to her single word. On the top of it, the whole of Maheshwari family considers Swara and Sanskar guilty and blames them for cheating on them. On the other hand, Shekar has left Sharmishtha alone as a part of the promise he made to his mother to save his little son. So now, Sharmishtha now has the challenge to reunite her daughter and bring the Maheshwari’s back together. Swara also has to expose Adarsh’s real face to everyone and prove her innocence to Ragini and family. Also Read - Pehredaar Piya Ki: Does Tejasswi Prakash's New Show Deserve A Fair Chance To Be Watched?

After seeing that Swara and Ragini’s relationship has gone from bad to worse, Sharmishtha decides to intervene. She knows that Swara and Ragini together can overcome any number of problems. Hence it’s important for them to reunite. She decides to become the mediator and solve the ongoing misunderstanding between them. In the upcoming episodes of Swaragini, you will see that Sharmishtha takes Swara along to meet Ragini. She tries to sort all the problems between her two daughters. She is aware that its not going to be easy this time. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Will Parth Samthaan of Kaisi Yeh Yaarian fame be part of Salman Khan show?) Also Read - Pehredaar Piya Ki Actress Tejaswi Prakash Clears All The Bad Air Surrounding Her New Show

After a lot of effort, Ragini realises that Swara was framed in the whole case and is not guilty. She realises that Swara and Sanskar are innocent and have not done anything wrong. Ragini finds out that it was Adarsh and Parineeta’s plan to create a rift between the two. And they have been successful in their plans as well. Ragini apologises to Swara for her mistakes. She feels guilty for not trusting her sister despite being aware of the fact that Swara can never harm her. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Swaragini actor Mayur Verma aka Karthik Malhotra to be a part of Salman Khan show)

Swara and Ragini now decide to reunite once again and bring back the happy time in their family too. The sisters now plan to fight together against Adarsh and Parineeta and take back the Maheshwari house from them. Will they be successful this time? What do you think guys?