A fervent officer ( Soham Shah of Ship Of Theseus ) from the special unit of Crime Branch, in his zest to unravel the mystery, stumbles upon an important clue. He traces the trail of blood at a murder scene and promptly starts explaining his theory in a demonstrative way. His senior (Irrfan Khan) flashes a sheepish smile, winks at him and goes “Next what? You need a background score to dramatize the sequence?” The aptly placed scene encapsulates the essence of filmmaker Meghna Gulzar’s directorial brilliance, and you as an audience know what’s in store for you. Also Read - BAFTAs 2021 Honour Irrfan Khan And Rishi Kapoor Alongside Chadwick Boseman, Sean Connery

Throughout the gripping watch that Talvar is, Gulzar does let your emotions (and your emotional quotient) sway to the tune of background scores. In fact, there’s no dramatic tune played in the background for key sequences (no music employed to spoon feed) It’s an intense story brilliantly portrayed without theatrical hysteria. In spite of its docu-drama style of narration, the movie unspools the mystery in the most authentic and objective manner. Also Read - Irrfan Khan's Son, Babil Set For His Acting Debut With Netflix Movie Qala - Watch The First Glimpse Here

Yes, there are different angles and possibilities explored and put forth, but none clouds your judgment. Here’s a case, as well a case study in itself, intertwined brilliantly with cinematic liberties to ensure that the screenplay remains taut and narration engaging. WATCH: Irrfan Khan and Meghna Gulzar chat exclusively with India.com: Watch video to know what Talvar is all about! Also Read - Irrfan Khan’s Son Babil Khan Tears up During Emotional Speech at Filmfare Awards, Watch Touching Video

In her interview with India.com Meghna Gulzar had maintained that her movie will not serve as the ultimate closure to 2008 double murder case (Noida), but it will surely stir up debate and discussions on how our judicial system operates. The definitely poses pertinent questions. Is justice really delivered or facts remain either elusive or obfuscated—or are they tampered with? Or worse still–are the evidences blatantly ignored and destroyed (and, if need be, they are even planted!)

Gulzar tells the story with surgical precision and neutrality right from the word go. Here’s the double murder case, that shook the whole nation, with two dramatically different versions put forth,(three investigations were carried out and one verdict was handed out in the end), projected on the big screen with impartiality and the much-needed detachment.

Armed with in-depth research, powerful screenplay and brilliant directorial skills, Gulzar keeps the drama engaging and taut. Irrfan, Konkana Sen and Neeraj Kabi sink into their characters and yet their awareness about presenting the case is palpable. This ain’t just an intense story that needed to be told. It’s a must watch for facts, as they are presented and consumed, could be stranger than fiction.

Our rating: 4 stars