Tamil actor Sreedhar and his sister Jaya Kalyani who was also an actor, reportedly committed suicide at their house in Chennai. As per a report published in Indiaglitz, both the TV actors were going through financial problems in the absence of work during the COVID-19 period, and therefore, they decide to end their lives. The actors’ decomposed bodies were found at their home in Kodungaiyur Muthamizh Nagar in Chennai.Also Read - Kannada TV Actor Chandana Commits Suicide by Drinking Poison on Live Video, Blames Boyfriend For Drastic Step

The report mentioned that the neighbours of the actors informed the police and complained about a foul smell coming from the house. When the police arrived, they found two dead bodies that were immediately sent for the postmortem to the Stanely hospital where it was revealed that they committed suicide. More details in the case are yet to be revealed. Also Read - Preksha Mehta And Manmeet Grewal Suicide: Doctors Explain Why COVID-19 is Worst Time For People With Anxiety And Suicidal Tendencies

The probe is on and police suspect that this is yet another case of suicide due to financial stress during COVID-19 and lockdown. Also Read - Preksha Mehta's Suicide Update: Father Says She Was Upset Over Lockdown And Was Never Pressurised For Marriage

Earlier, two other Hindi TV actors Preksha Mehta and Manmeet Grewal committed suicide last month. They were also reportedly dealing with depression due to no work during the lockdown and COVID-19 times. Even the shootings of TV shows and films have resumed in most parts of the country, there is a dearth of work and loss of existing jobs. Strict rules and regulations have been laid out by the state governments for the filmmakers if they want to shoot during the crisis. This also includes minimizing the strength on a set and allowing only 30 per cent of the original team while shooting for a project. Not just the actors, the technicians, and other people associated with the entire filmmaking process have suffered.