Choreographer Ganesh Acharya was recently accused by a woman choreographer of depriving her of work, demanding commission and forcing her to watch adult videos. To this, Bollywood actor and Me Too lady Tanushree Dutta urged the Bollywood industry to boycott choreographer Ganesh Acharya, following a harassment complaint against him by a 33-year-old woman. Tanushree said, “It’s time Bollywood and the other Indian film industries boycott choreographer Ganesh Acharya completely. Hiding behind the male superstars who work with this despicable man, he has been abusing his power and position to harass, bully and take advantage of vulnerable young newcomers to the industry.” Also Read - Sona Mohapatra is Happy To Watch Rekha on 'Sad' Indian Idol 12, Takes Dig At Show For Sheltering MeToo Accused Anu Malik

Tanushree referred to her harassment case and said,” Even though Ganesh Acharya was party to all the harassment I faced on ‘Horn ok Pleasse’ set, he went on to spoil my name and reputation thereafter, the leading men and heroes of Bollywood continued to work with him and give him film after film. Look now, didn’t I tell you so??” The actor added, “Nobody had any regard for me and how much I had suffered psychologically and financially because of the turmoil I went through because of these people. I left the industry because I was so scared and hurt over the atrocious treatment meted out to me on ‘Horn ok please’ set. I had worked very sincerely to get to where I got in life and so went in shock for many years, over the whole episode on that set almost 12 years ago, that led to an attack on my car. They didn’t just break my car, they broke my spirit that day.”
She further said, “Now, after all the information of fraud, non-payment of dues, sexual harassment of dancers, bullying and intimidation and even physical abuse of dancers is coming out about Also Read - After Vikas Gupta Accused Arshi Khan of Blackmailing, She Puts Out SHOCKING Clarification

Ganesh Acharya in the media, if the actors, directors and producers still work with him, it would mean that they themselves are engaging in such acts also.” Warning the film fraternity the actor said, “Stay the hell away from Ganesh Acharya otherwise your own reputation will be joined to his character. I’m sure many more girls and boys will come out about his misbehaviour and shady business, opening floodgates in the future.” Also Read - Jiah Khan’s Sister Makes Shocking Allegations Against Sajid Khan of Sexually Harassing Late Actor: 'Asked Her to Take Off Top, Bra'

She concluded by stating, “Paap ka ghada bhar Gaya re tera, Ab toh chalak chalak ke teri kahaniya nikal Rahi hai” (Your pot of sin is full, now your stories are coming out). In September 2018, Dutta had alleged that veteran actor Nana Patekar misbehaved with her on the sets of ‘Horn Ok Please’ in 2008 while shooting a special dance number for the movie, and went on to file an FIR against him. However, Patekar refuted all allegations.

However, denying the accusations, Ganesh Acharya says that he is being targetted owing to his stance in the IFTCA. Claiming that he hasn’t met the accuser personally, he plans to file a defamation case against them and teach them a lesson.

Me Too began gaining prominence in India with the increasing popularity of the international movement, and later gathered sharp momentum in October 2018 in the entertainment industry of Bollywood, centered in Mumbai, when actress Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. This led to many women in the news media, Indian films, and even within the government to speak out and bring allegations of sexual harassment against a number of perpetrators.