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Naagin 6, August 28, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Meets Her Daughter, Rishabh is Held Captive by Shakti

Naagin 6, August 28, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin finally meets her daughter, Shakti has held Rishabh captive under his watch.

Published: August 28, 2022 10:36 PM IST

By Anurag Singh Bohra | Edited by Anurag Singh Bohra

Naagin 6, August 28, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Meets Her Daughter, Rishabh is Held Captive by Shakti
Naagin 6, August 28, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Meets Her Daughter, Rishabh is Held Captive by Shakti

Naagin 6, August 28, Written Episode: In today’s episode Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash learns about who is raising her daughter. Shakti aka Simba Nagpal is jealous of Pratha’s love for her daughter and is not ready to share Pratha’s love with anyone else. He has held Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal captive in the same secret room where once he was kept by Seema aka Sudha Chandran. Shakti plots to kill Pratha’s daughter but nobody know where she is.

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Shakti disguised as Rishabh has entered the Gujral house and is making every possible attempt to get closer to Pratha. Shakti learns that Pratha might have gone to meet Rajesh Pratap Singh aka Vishal Solanki and he reaches his home. There Divya sees him confessing that he is not Rishabh. Shakti kills Divya and runs away. Rajesh Pratap’s aunt thinks he killed Divya and blames him of murdering his wife as well. Pratha calls inspector Vijay and Rajesh Pratap is arrested. Pratha gets to know from Rajesh Pratap’s aunt that when she worked for an NGO she knew the man who adopted Pratha’s daughter.



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Rajesh Pratap Singh aka Vishal Solanki’s aunt assures Pratha that she will call the man who is raising her daughter the next morning. Shakti overhears their conversation and goes back home. He enters the secret room where once he was kept. Rishabh is chained inside the room. In the flashback we see how Rishabh went unconscious during the Kedarnath attack and Shakti took his place. Shakti tells Rishabh that he is going to make love to Pratha. Rishabh laughs at him and says he doesn’t understand the meaning of love. As Shakti leaves Rishabh says he knows that Pratha will never let any outsider take his place, such is the strength of their love that no one can separate them. Pratha meets Shakti thinking he is Rishabh and tells him that now they will meet their daughter soon. Shakti tries to get intimate with her but she pushes him away as she has to make arrangements for her daughter’s arrival.


Pratha tells everyone in the family about her daughter and the house staff starts preparations. Pratha starts decorating her room while Shakti fumes with jealousy. Shakti burns baby’s cradle with matchstick while Pratha is not looking around. Pratha gets disheartened to see it and calls it a bad omen. The next day she asks Rajesh’s aunt to call the person who is taking care of her daughter. Rajesh’s aunt calls him and as the phone gets picked up Pratha hears the crying noise of her daughter. Rajesh’s aunt speaks to him and then tells Pratha that he cannot give his daughter to her. Pratha pleads Rajesh’s aunt to rake her to him. As she goes to find the car keys, Pratha reaches the place using her Sheshnaagin powers. Pratha is shcoked to learn that the person is none other than the professor. She realizes she had already met her daughter at professor’s home.


Professor tells Pratha that he can’t give her his daughter at any cost. he tells her just like Lord Krishna was taken care by Yashoda, he will raise her daughter like his own and keep her safe. Pratha returns heartbroken when Shakti meets her on the way. She is moved to tears an faints. Shakti carries her home. At Gujral house everyone celebrates Krishna Janamashtami. Pratha prays to Lord Krishna that her baby should be with her on the pious occasion. Professor arrives with both the girls at Gujral house. He tells her she can have her for one day, then he will take them away to Gorakhpur. Pratha gives the baby to Shakti but he almost drops her. Pratha saves the baby and scolds him. When everyone prays during puja, Rishabh doesn’t understand who among the two babies is Pratha’s daughter. He puts both babies in a basket and covers them with flowers. The house maid thinks it to be the offering to God and carries it towards temple through the forest route.

When everyone gets up from the prayers they search for the babies. Professor shouts at Pratha and tells her to find his daughters at any cost. He says he brought his girls because of her and now she must take responsibility.

In the next episode Pratha realizes there is someone who is trying to separate her with his daughter. We also see glimpses of grown up Pratha’s daughter. An aged Pratha prays to Lord Shiva that her daughter shouldn’t become a Naagin.

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