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Naagin 6, June 26, Written Episode: Pratha Returns as Kiara, Rishabh Has an Evil Twin Brother Shakti

Naagin 6, June 26, Written Episode: Pratha disguises as Kiara. Rishabh's evil twin brother Shakti helped Mehek in plotting against Pratha.

Published: June 26, 2022 11:19 PM IST

By Anurag Singh Bohra | Edited by Anurag Singh Bohra

Naagin 6, June 26, Written Episode: Pratha Returns as Kiara, Rishabh Has an Evil Twin Brother Shakti
Naagin 6, June 26, Written Episode: Pratha Returns as Kiara, Rishabh Has an Evil Twin Brother Shakti

Naagin 6, June 26, Written Episode: Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash has become Sheshnaagin and is more brutal with her comeback as she is determined to punish anyone or everyone who tries to harm the weak and oppressed. Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia and Mehek aka Mahek Chahal’s dark past yet again haunts them while Seema aka Sudha Chandran’s horrific secret is hidden in the locked store room. Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal remembers Pratha on his birthday as he fights his conflicting emotions. Gujral family is shaken up by a big revelation that is hard to believe.

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Naagin 6 Recap

Pratha confronts goons who had tried to abduct Jwala and other women planning her birthday celebrations. Jwala and other ladies were overpowered by the drunk men while they were about to celebrate Pratha’s birthday at the secret hideout. Pratha arrives at the scene and transforms into her Sheshnaagin avatar and beats up the goons.

Sheshnaagin Defeats Goons

Pratha cuts her birthday cake in her Sheshnaagin form while simultaneously thrashing the goons with her tail. Pratha tells the goons that she is Sheshnaagin who is always there to punish people like them. Pratha turns to the women and says, no girl is weaker than men and we can defend ourselves when needed. Chanda aka Sneha Raikar goes near the secret store room to see what has been kept inside. Before Chanda can open the lock, Urvashi stops and slaps her. Urvashi warns Chanda to not come near the room again. Rhea aka Aditi Shetty watches Urvashi and wonders what is in the room that is being kept a secret. Rhea enters the room and sees Rishabh’s look alike with blue eyes. As the stranger tries to get violent with Rhea, Urvashi rescues her. Urvashi slaps Rhea and scolds her for opening the room.

Rishabh Has a Twin Brother

Rhea persuades Urvashi to tell the truth. Urvashi narrates the back story of Rishabh’s twin brother Shakti who was jealous and evil minded. Urvashi tells Rhea that Shakti was dear to Seema and once tried to force himself on Rishabh’s then girlfriend Siya who recognized he is not Rishabh. Shakti threw Siya from the bridge and she died. Seema in order to save Shakti locked him up in the secret room and told him to seek revenge from Rishabh at the right time. Urvashi revealed to Rhea that it was Shakti , not Rishabh who helped Mehek in conspiring against Pratha and made Pratha believe that Rishabh betrayed her.

Rishabh Still Loves Pratha

Rajesh Pratap Singh aka Vishal Solanki is introduced as a business tycoon who works out before getting ready for his appointments. Mehek and Urvashi want to impress Rajesh so that they could crack the land deal which they have promised to Zhang. Rishabh sees Pratha in his room and is about to gift her a necklace only to realize he was day dreaming. Mehek comes to the room and tells Rishabh Rajesh is about to arrive. Rishabh tells her this necklace would be gifted to Rajesh’s fiancé. Rajesh arrives in his car along with his sister aka Nandini Tiwari and his fiancé Kiara who is none other than Pratha herself.

Pratha Confronts Rishabh

Gujral family is shocked to see Pratha. Rishabh tells himself that he will find out if she is Pratha and be careful in case she is plotting against him. Rajesh introduces everyone to Kiara saying she has comeback after completing her education from New York. Rajesh announces that after his business deal he will get married to Kiara and both might settle in London. Mehek is scared and tries to find out about Kiara by searching her Instagram profile that are dated before Pratha’s death. Rishabh gifts the necklace to Kiara and offers drinks to the couple. Pratha sees Rehan’s friends trying to trap a girl by offering a music video.

Sheshnaagin Becomes Saviour

Rehan’s friends take the girl to an unknown place in their car and then try to sexually harass her. The girl transforms into Pratha and bites one of them. In the flashback Pratha had already warned the girl and asked her to go back to her parents. Pratha kills both of them and tells them Sheshnaagin will never spare those men who try to exploit women.

What to Expect From Upcoming Episode

In the upcoming episode Pratha is determined to seek revenge from those who betrayed her. Pratha enters the secret room as Kiara where she encounters Shakti for the first time.

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