Karanvir Bohra breaks down in tears as his wife Teejay and his twin babies leave the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss continues playing move and pause game with the contestants. Romil speaks his mind about Deepak breaking friendship with him. Deepak then comes to Romil discuss about what went wrong between them. Also Read - Entertainment News Today, March 29: Salman Khan to Take Care of Over 25000 Wage Workers in Industry Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Next morning, contestants wake up on Govinda’s song Aap Ke Aajana Se. Bigg Boss plays the game rewind, fast-forward, pause and play with the contestants on the same song. Deepika tells to Sreesanth that she is hoping that her husband Shoaib will come inside the house. Somi asks Romil to have breakfast and Rohit teases her with Romil. Surbhi comes in the lawn singing and dancing Bole Chudiya and Bigg Boss starts playing Play and pause game with Surbhi and Deepak. All the contestants have a fun moment with each other. Also Read - Salman Khan Moves to Panvel Farmhouse With Sister Arpita Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Romil’s wife Diksha enters the house with their little baby. Romil’s wife tells Somi that she and Romil will give her bhai-dooj gift once she is out of the house as she is the little sister of his. She then goes to Surbhi and tells her to think before giving any statement. Surbhi then breaks down in tears and say that how much more people want her to regret about the statements she has given about others. Deepika and Sreesanth try to calm her down.

Somi’s sister Sabha enters the house. Somi breaks down in tears. Somi and Romil talk about their relationship being portrayed outside the house.

Somi talks about Romil and cries thinking about their relationship being portrayed wrongly. Surbhi asks the viewers to not label Somi and Romil’s relationship.

Deepika talks to Surbhi about her husband Shoaib. She then narrates the urdi poem she has written for Shoaib but before she completes it, Shoaib voice finishes the poem and he comes inside the house. Shoaib runs towards Deepika and hugs her. Deepika breaks into tears seeing Shoaib. Deepika and Shoaib have a moment together. Bigg Boss pauses all the contestants and as soon as they are asked to play, Deepika runs and hugs Shoaib.

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