Salman Khan welcomes the audience to the show and tells the names of the contestants who are nominated for the elimination this week. He then welcomes Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput on the show. Both the stars talk about their upcoming film Kedarnath. Salman Khan then plays a game with Sara and Sushant. After the fun segment with Salman, Sara and Sushant enter the Bigg Boss house. As they enter the house, they play a fun task with the contestants. Also Read - Radhe Trailer Floods Social Media With Hilarious Memes, Fans Call It A 'Mixture Of Race 3 And Wanted'

Contestants are asked to take the name they feel does not contribute to the show, Deepika gets a major number of votes and Karanvir, Rohit and Deepak shoot Deepika with water balloons. Next, Deepak gets hit by water balloons. Then, the contestants are asked who is the most insecure in the house and Jasleen gets maximum votes. She goes and gets hit by the balloons. Next goes Romil and gets hit by water balloons. After the task, all the contestants dance along with Sara and Sushant on Sweetheart song. Also Read - Salman Khan Kisses Disha Patani And Breaks His Vow For First Time in 32 Years? Not Really!

Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput have a fun segment with Salman Khan on the stage of the show. Romil gets into an argument with Deepak. Deepak discusses about Romil with Somi but she takes a stand for him.

Salman Khan enters inside the house. He asks the contestants about the needle inserted lemon. Karanvir and Surbhi tell him that they felt a bad spirit inside the house. Salman asks Romil and Rohit to come for the Sultani Akhada round. Rohit wins the task.

Salman again enters the house to announce the elimination this week. No eliminations this week. This week’s elimination and next week’s elimination will be carried forward in next week’s elimination.

Deepika asks Sreesanth to apologise to Surbhi for his behaviour and he goes apologises but in a very unruly manner.

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