Salman Khan starts the show by giving a sneak peek into last day’s episode and telling the viewers that Shivashish has to go through repercussion for his unruly behaviour in the house. Also Read - Entertainment News Today, March 29: Salman Khan to Take Care of Over 25000 Wage Workers in Industry Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Bigg Boss contestants are given the task where they are supposed to name one contestant who according to them is playing the dirtiest game. Karanvir, Deepak, and Shivashish take the name of Sreesanth and Kranvir and Sreesanth get into a heated argument. Jasleen and Deepika take Deepak’s name. Srishty and Surbhi take Jasleen’s name. Romil takes Deepika’s name. As contestants, take each other name, they throw a black colour balloon on the other contestant whose name they have taken during the task.

Salman Khan targets Karanvir Bohra over Teejay’s open letter to Bigg Boss. Salman asks Karanvir if he feels bad or humiliated about the interaction between the two. Karanvir apologises on behalf of his wife Teejay for the open letter. Saman mocks Jasleen for gaining weight inside the house. Salman now targets Romil for his decision over choosing the contestants for jail punishment. Salman asks Karanvir as why he chose Sreesanth’s name for washing utensils punishment. Karanvir defends saying it was the decision taken collaboratively by all contestants. Surbhi reveals that Karanvir and Sreesanth are having a cold war and that was the reason for him to take his name. Sreesanth defends Karnvir saying that later that day he came and apologised to him.

Karanvir breaks down in tears after knowing about Teejay’s open letter and requests Bigg Boss to make him talk to Teejay so that he can get clarity on the issue. Salman Khan tells Jasleen to get all answers to her doubts regarding her relationship with Anup Jalota. Salman asks her to go to the secret room to meet Anup Jalota.

Jasleen beams with happiness as she sees Anup Jalota. Salman tries to clear the air regarding their relationship. Anup Jalota reveals that she has no romantic feelings towards Jasleen and he cannot love anybody after his wife but Jasleen says that she and Anup has a very romantic connection with each other.

Salman congratulates Romil for becoming the Fizz captain for this week. He further talks about the captaincy task and asks Karnvir what exactly happened. Salman says that it is the fault of all contestants and blames them for breaking rules of the house. He targets Shivashish for his unruly behaviour during the jail punishment task. Shivashish apologises to Salman Khan for his behaviour in the house. He further says that he is trying to follow Sreesanth’s step but in a wrong way. Shivashish gets eliminated from the house for his disrespectful behaviour towards the show. Sreesanth breaks down in tears because of Shivashish’s eviction and Deepika and Srishty console him.

Farah Khan enters the Bigg Boss as a guest. Farah makes Somi and Deepak perform on romantic number Gerau.

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