Comedy king Kapil Sharma, who is currently tickling your funny bones with his show The Kapil Sharma Show has recently revealed that he was rejected several times by the families of girls because of his profession before marrying Ginni Chatrath. Yes, you heard us right. Kapil said that he was rejected because he is a stand-up comedian and did not choose a mainstream career. He also said that whenever the girl’s parents used to ask about his earning, they never got satisfied with his answer. Also Read - Kapil Sharma Duped of Rs 5.5 Crore By Car Designer Dilip Chhabria, Says 'Happy That He Is Arrested'

During The Kapil Sharma show he said, “Whenever I used to go to see a girl, her parents asked me about my career to which I reverted saying that I am a comedian. I have always got weird replies like, being a comedian is fine, but what do you do to earn money?’ And this was the reason I have always been rejected for marriages as everybody thought this art of mine cannot make me earn bread and butter for my family.” Also Read - Kapil Sharma Shares Auspicious News! Comedian to Make Netflix Debut

He shared the incident on the special holi episode, which featured haya-kavi on stage – Anjum Rahbar, Arun Gemini and Pradeep Chaube. Listening to the incident, Arun added, “Even my mother-in-law till date asks me what to tell her relatives about my career. She still cannot digest the fact that his son-in-law earns through his mere art of poetry writing.” Also Read - Kapil Sharma-Ginni Chatrath Blessed With Second Baby? This Tweet by Chetan Bhagat Hints so

Kapil Sharma got married to Ginni Chatrath last year in December. Expressing how she is the major source of support for him, he said, “She is very spiritual. I told her that you pray so much, pray for me, too. Mera dimag sahi nahi rehta, ajeeb sa lagta hai sab kuch. She would tell me that she prays only for me. She has been my emotional anchor; she has surrendered herself for my well-being. I will do as she says because I know that she is right; hosh mein decision leti hai.”